Magpie Medicine

I love to begin each day with a simple anointing process using essential oils. Yesterday, I was part-way through my sacred anointing ritual. I’d just reached the step where I apply Gratitude oil blend to my heart, and acknowledge something I’m grateful for. 

My eyes swept around the room and into the distance, and landed on a beautiful tall Norfolk Pine tree that sits a few hundred metres from my home.  

There, sitting at the very pinnacle of the tree, was a Magpie. She was comfortably perched, surveying the world around her.  

As I watched, a smaller bird flew onto a nearby branch. It was probably a Noisy Minor or similar. This bird sat for a few moments, then flew up around the Magpie’s head, flapping frantically. Then it sat on a branch again, then again flew up around the Magpie’s head.  

Watching this interaction, I assumed that the smaller bird was trying to utilise the art of “pestering” to encourage Miss Magpie to forego her pinnacle and fly to a different territory.  

Any parent would know how this feels. Children often use this same tactic! 

This display continued for some 5 minutes. All the while, Miss Magpie simply sat, and watched the other bird. Her head turned to observe the other bird, but other than that she remained unflappable, and didn’t move from her perch. 

Then, just as suddenly as it had appeared, the smaller bird flew off….only to reappear a few minutes later, continuing its attempts to drive Miss Magpie on. This display of frenzy was again unsuccessful, and in the end the smaller bird few off.

As I watched Miss Magpie, I honoured her steadfastness. She held strong and centred on her perch, and didn’t allow herself to be forced into an action that was not of her own choosing.  

In Native American culture, animals are seen as our greatest teachers, and it is understood that the Spirit of an animal will choose us in order to teach us their wisdom.  

When you are in need of guidance...

When you are in need of guidance, an animal will often find you and bless you with its wisdom. This animal is your Totem Animal, and its spiritual wisdom is its “medicine”, its special gift to you.  

Miss Magpie was there in my world to show me the Power of Presence. She was there to remind me that being centred is a choice.  

We can allow the world and its critters to ruffle our feathers – or we can simply observe, and continue to walk the path of our own choosing.  

I decided to do some research into the other aspects of Magpie Medicine, and this is what I discovered: 

When Magpie appears to you, whether that is in the physical realm or in a dream, it carries a variety of interlocking meanings:  

  • It’s a sign that other Spiritual Beings and Deities are reaching out to you. Be alert to the beautiful messages that are coming your way. 
  • It’s time to explore your relationship with Success, and to identify and release any limiting thoughts and self-sabotages that hold you back from your highest potential.  
  • Magpie energy is dynamic, and is the perfect energy to help you to kick-start new ideas and new projects.  
  • Pay attention to the beauty of your own unique song. What do you need to say to the world, or to another person? Magpie is here to help you spread your wings and your voice and be heard.  
  • Magpies love company, and so Magpie Medicine heralds a time for reaching out and connecting with friends and loved ones…including making new friends.  
  • Because Magpies are strongly territorial, this is also a time to focus your attention onto the home front. Fortify your home and environment and attend to any outstanding tasks around the home. This includes fortifying your Soul’s home, ie. Your physical body. 

We all need a strong perch if we are to fly as high as we can. Magpie Medicine reminds us to care for both our bodies and our homes, and to tidy up those loose ends that we’ve been promising to attend to.  


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