Don’t you just love a good mystery!?!
This week, one of our followers reached out to me with a strange dream she’d had.
See if you can work out its meaning before I let you know my thoughts!

Our dreams are very personal, so to interpret someone else’s dream means we need to stand in their shoes for a moment, and delve into their subconscious mind and its associations. 

How to interpret your dreams

I always love to ask some questions to understand the dream better. The questions I ask are:

  1. Where is it set? This gives clues to what part of your life the dream is focussing on.
  2. Who are the characters? This shows which aspect of your Self or your relationships is coming under the spotlight.
  3. What is happening in the dream? The symbols in the dream give clues to the dream’s message.
  4. What were you feeling in the dream? This helps to clarify what the dream symbols mean to you.

Asking the Right Questions

What questions would you ask Lynette, in order to better understand her dream? Pause for a moment and write them down. Then, check out what questions I asked her. Are they similar to what you would have asked? I wrote:

Hi Lynette, I’ve already got a feeling of what your dream means, but I’d like to flesh it out with some questions. These will help guide me in the interpretation:

  1. Did you have the same dream both nights?
  2. Do you remember anything else from the dream, such as where you were when you saw the 3 full moons? For example, were you at your home, or in nature?
  3. What emotions did you feel as you saw the 3 full moons?
  4. Have you ever heard the saying or nursery rhyme “Hickory Dickory Dock”, which has a sentence in it about when the clock strikes 3?
  5. What has been happening in your spiritual journey recently?

Here are Lynette's Answers:

Lynette replied with, "OK, the first night I just woke up at exactly 3am. The second night, I got a snippet of the 3 moons, then immediately woke up and it was 3am on the dot. I think I was outdoors, and I looked up to see the moons, but I don’t know where I was.

"I felt amazement and thought it was beautiful, but also wondered what it meant."

"In my spiritual journey I am trying to seek answer to many things, but haven’t really found my answers yet. I often speak to my Guardian Angels or Spirit Guides, but again not really getting anything. I would love to hear your interpretation. And no, I haven’t heard of that nursery rhyme."

What does it mean when you dream in vivid colour?

Lynette went on to say, “I dream every night, so much so that I wake up exhausted sometimes, as if I have actually done everything in these dreams. They are very vivid, and I usually remember them. I dream in colour too! Sometimes it’s obvious what they’re telling me, and sometimes they are so random I have no clue. The spiritual world absolutely fascinates me. I could talk about it on and on.”

This tells me that Lynette is highly visual, meaning she has the gift of “Clairvoyance”, or clear-seeing.

People with the gift of Clairvoyance often have vivid dreams, and always in full colour. We almost all have a bit of clairvoyance in us – the question is whether this muscle is “toned up” or not.

In Lynette’s case, it’s definitely well toned!

So how would you interpret Lynette’s dream?

Take a moment to think about how you would pull all the symbols together into a simple explanation. That's an important part of the skill of dream interpretation. Here’s my interpretation of Lynette's dream:

The full moon comes about once a month, so the three full moons in a row would represent three months.

The fact that they are lined up vertically is pointing to the stars and the heavens. We associate the heavens with something beautiful and spiritual, so your dream is a sign of a spiritual awakening happening in 3 full moon’s time….or else happening  gradually over the next 3 months.

Hickory Dickory Dock, the Mouse ran up the Clock

There is an old nursery rhyme called “Hickory Dickory Dock”, which you can find at: http://www.wordsforlife.org.uk/songs/hickory-dickory-dock, and it goes like this:

Hickory Dickory Dock
Gently bounce your baby to the beat
The mouse ran up the clock
Run your fingers up from your baby's toes to their chin and give them a tickle
The clock struck one
Clap your hands together once
The mouse ran down
Run your fingers back down to your baby's toes and tickle them
Hickory Dickory Dock

Other verses:

The clock struck two
Clap your hands together twice
The mouse went "boo!"
Hide your baby's eyes with your hands then pull them away on the word "boo!"

The clock struck three
Clap your hands together three times
The mouse went "weeee!"
Lift your baby up into the air on the word "weeee!"

The clock struck four
Clap your hands together four times
The mouse went "no more!"
Shake your finger on the words "no more!"

Lynette, you’ll notice the bit about when the clock strikes three referring to lifting your child up into the air? So again, we’re pointing towards the stars, which reinforces my feeling that the meaning in this dream is about upliftment, awakening, and a rise in spiritual awareness. 

The significance of the number 3

I continued with my interpretation for Lynette, pulling together the meaning of the number 3:

The number 3 is a very sacred number. It represents us (the Soul), in partnership with nature and Spirit.

So the fact that your dream was set in nature is perfect. Three is also a sacred number in many religions. For example, in Christianity they talk about the father, son and the Holy Spirit. So again, this all points to a spiritual awakening happening for you over the next 3 months.

How exciting! Whatever you have been doing spiritually, please keep doing it. I take this dream as a sign that all is as it should be, you're perfectly on track, and you should continue your beautiful meditations and spiritual practices with even more presence and dedication. I'd love to hear what you notice in 3 months. 

Then I shared a story from my own life...

About 9 months ago, I had a very distinct feeling in my own world that I'd just "lifted" to another level of consciousness....like being initiated into the next plane of spiritual awakening. With that came a sense of additional responsibility, like I could no longer hide behind my limiting thoughts.

It was time to shine even brighter, and it is one of the catalysts that inspired me to set up Raw Divinity as a platform for sharing the Light. It was a subtle enough shift, but non-the-less profound, and I felt it throughout my being. So your shift may not necessarily be full of fireworks - it may be more subtle, like mine, but still very important in your life.


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