A Powerful Oil for Emotional Turbulence

You must look upon your illusions
and not keep them hidden,
for they do not rest on their own foundations.
-A Course in Miracles

I love this quote from A Course in Miracles, and have held it close to my heart for many years. We could easily substitute the word “emotions” for “illusions”, because any time we are experiencing an illusion about ourself in the world, we are also experiencing the corresponding emotion that it triggers.

The greatest gift I learned from my journey with A Course in Miracles was the ability to recognise when I was emotionally triggered, and to consciously step out of that perception into an empty blank slate, where I could then ask Spirit to show me the correct perception.

I would go into this process thinking I knew what the issue was, and come out of it with a mind-blowing 180 degree shift in perception – a shift that brought me a whole new way of looking at the situation I found myself in, and which (miraculously) held no pain at all.

This is one of the most powerful tools I’ve learned in my life, and it’s helped me to find peace and clarity in the midst of many types of emotional turmoil.

Just over 7 years ago, I went into a deep state of relaxation during a massage I was receiving. During that altered state of consciousness, I was given a vision of myself. In the vision, I saw myself surrounded by a crystalline aura – it was exquisitely beautiful, and shimmered like Mother of Pearl.

Yet embedded in all of this beauty were little lumps of necrotic tissue that oozed pus. And I was shown by Spirit that the crystalline aura is the truth within us all. It’s our true nature. And the lumps of pus-oozing tissue are our unhealed wounds.

They are our deepest, darkest thoughts about ourself – the ones we’ve not raised to the Light, so that we still believe them to be true.

Usually, they were formed in our childhood. But often, their tentacles reach back into our family generations, or even our past lives.

We’ve chosen to be here now, in this lifetime, so that we can experience and potentially heal these wounds. By doing this, we can shine the brightest that we can.

As part of that vision, I was also shown that these wounds are the “thing” that other people can hook into, and that cause us to hook into others. They are our points of attachment, that create the difficult dynamics that play out in our life.

Whenever we are emotionally triggered, one of these wounds is at play.

A week ago, I was shown the same vision, but in a slightly different form. This time, I was shown the festering wounds as a radioactive lump within our aura…..like a heat spot. And being a heat spot, it attracts to itself other corresponding heat spots from other people.

So let’s say one person’s heat spot is a thought that “I’m unimportant – no one cares about me”, and another person’s heat spot is a thought that “I’m invisible, no one looks out for me, so I have to look out for myself….always”. This second person is likely to be very demanding of attention, focussed always on themselves….and this will press the emotional buttons of the person who believes they are unimportant, because they feel like their needs are being ignored.

It's the simple physics of like attracting like, even if the two ways of operating in the world are quite different. Ultimately, those two patterns fit together like the perfect jigsaw puzzle.

Whenever we feel lack (whether that be financially, emotionally or on any other level), our wounds drive us to heal that lack….and in turn they impact our behaviour in the world. We develop behaviour patterns to manipulate the people and circumstances around us, to achieve what we think is missing in ourselves.

At its most fundamental level, our wounds are neutral.

They simply are thoughts we thought about ourself, which drive our actions. But in response to these deepest, darkest thoughts, we developed a whole series of behaviours designed to survive in a dysfunctional world. And that’s what we call our Ego.

On this journey to Universal Consciousness which we are all on, situations arise around us (none by accident), which allow us to peel away these layers of the onion, to uncover our wounds. We either continue to be driven by the Ego, and act out of reaction….or we do as A Course in Miracles guides us, and we look upon these illusions, and don’t keep them hidden.

When they are hidden, we focus only on our superficial view of the world. Our mind is preoccupied with thoughts like, “This person did this to me”, or “This awful thing happened to me.”

But once we dedicate ourselves to looking upon our illusions, we start to see the deepest, darkest thoughts about ourself that are the magnet attracting these situations into our life. We start to see the patterns which, like a beautiful spider’s web, always has our Self at its centre.

And this is when we drop the illusion that we are a victim of circumstances beyond our control, and we instead witness ourselves as a powerful manifester, drawing these circumstances to us, for our own healing.

I love the statement, “This is happening for me, not to me.” Always, these challenges are there to give us the opportunity to heal our wounds, so we may shine like the brightest star, and be a Lighthouse not only for ourself, but also for others.

Yet there have also been times in my life where the emotions triggered have been so overwhelmingly deep, that I’ve struggled to get my head above water, in order to step back into the blank slate where clarity lives.

At times like this, I’ve felt like I’m drowning.

I’m in a sealed room filled with water, and the water is over my head already. But there is a solution….

When this happens, one of the ways to rise above the emotional waters is to close down our base chakra. This has the effect of switching off the water source, so that the flooding room can drain of water, leaving us dripping wet but able to see clearly.

Having a “locked down” base chakra is not something we want to do long term, but it can be very helpful for a few days or weeks, during times of intense emotions.

When I separated from my husband, it was extremely painful for me and for him, and there were times that I lost my footing in all the turbulent emotions. A friend of mine who does distant healing did this process with me of locking down my base chakra, and it allowed me to approach the separation with a clear mind, without all the turbulence. I was aware that I was emotional, but I wasn’t drowning in it. A few weeks later, my friend then opened it back up again, and by that time I was more able to cope.

But there is an alternative and even simpler way to achieve this outcome, and that is by putting a drop of Palo Santo essential oil on your base chakra, then rubbing it 3 times clockwise.

The base chakra sits at the bottom of the spine, just above the coccyx. Find where your buttock crease finishes, and you are in the right spot.

To find the direction of the clock (for the 3 times clockwise movement), imagine yourself standing behind your body, looking at your base chakra, and imagine the clock superimposed there. Our DNA spins clockwise when it’s healthy, and the number 3 is a powerful spiritual number in many traditions. So the 3 times clockwise movement affirms health throughout our whole Being, from physical to spiritual.

I’ve observed that whenever I do this process, the Palo Santo oil anchors me deeply into the ground, and the emotional turbulence subsides, leaving me with an ability to look on the challenges around me with clarity. I also make sure I smell the Palo Santo oil from the bottle at the same time.

Palo Santo oil is distilled from the heartwood of a South American tree, and has been used by the shamans to cleanse the energy field of negative emotions and negative entities. It’s a powerful protector.

This has been a wonderful oily discovery, and one that has come in very handy in recent months. I trust it also allows you to uncover your pure inner guidance, when you are going through difficult times and difficult decisions. Just make sure you are using a high quality, therapeutic-grade essential oil. Click the link below if you’d like more information on my favourite brand of oils. 

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