A Sacred Ritual for Releasing the Body

Today I heard that a dear friend of mine has passed over.

His name is Gary. It happened only a matter of hours ago, and Gary’s wife (who’s also a close friend of mine) called me in tears.

His body was stretched out beside her, and she was holding him as we spoke, and sobbing. Whilst he’d had many health challenges (including being on dialysis), his mind and Spirit have always been so strong. He and his wife had just spent one of the most magical weekends together in the mountains with friends. Gary had taken a nap this morning and hadn’t woken up.

I’m 10 hours’ drive from them, and not in a position to drop everything and drive there. And I’m needed now, not tonight, not tomorrow.

It’s at times like this that I wish I could teleport my body through space and time.

Yet I knew that things were exactly as they were meant to be, and I would have to improvise and make the most of the tools I do have.

I stayed on the facetime video call with my friend, so that I could be virtually in the room with them.

First, I set out a circle of crystals around me. Within easy reach were some tumbled citrine stones and lemurian quartz pointers. Citrine is renowned as a stone of abundance, but it’s also a stone that helps us transmute form – think of a chrysalis becoming the butterfly.

It’s the perfect crystal to use when someone is moving out of their body.

Lemurian quartz balances the chakras and assists us to connect with the Oneness of all things. Again, it’s perfect at times of transition, where we move our perception from the boundaries of the body to the unlimited potential of the Spirit.

I put my pan drum in the centre of the ring of stones, and began playing it. This drum was calling out to me 4 months ago, and I am so grateful that I bought it. I’ve used it virtually every day since it arrived at my home, playing it intuitively, letting my hands dance across the drum and call forth the soothing sounds of its 432Hz frequencies.

Where most instruments nowadays are calibrated to 440Hz, occasionally you’ll find one calibrated to 432Hz (as was the case with this drum). 432Hz is the frequency of the Earth and its devas. This calibration is incredibly soothing to the Spirit. I’ve used it previously to mourn the loss of a beloved animal, and it was an amazing antidote to grief.

Try putting a drop of Joy oil blend on your heart before playing, and it takes the experience to a whole other level!

Today as I played the drum, its music poured over us in waves.

I visualised a column of white light extending up from the circle of crystals, holding all of us in its centre as we floated above the drum – myself, Gary, his wife, and another friend who was with them.

Next, I visualised beautiful white foaming waves washing through our energy fields, cleansing us of our grief and shock, allowing us to be in a state of peace and tranquillity together.

It was so powerful a visualisation that a deep sense of peace did indeed permeate us all.

Even after I finished playing the drum, for another 10 minutes we all sat in silence, my friend cradling her husband’s body, sharing this precious time with what had been his physical temple.

I then asked permission to give a blessing. I reached deep inside to the words that wanted to pour out from the core of me, and I spoke those into our circle, articulating the love we all have for this courageous and loving man.

As I finished the verbal blessing, my essential oils called out to me. These have always been my “go to” at times of major transition. Whether we are calling a Soul through into their body at the moment of birth, or bidding farewell to a loved one as they depart their body at the moment of death, essential oils help to bring connection and peace to the process.

They don’t eliminate the grief, but they are like a giant spiritual hug, making the process of transition so much easier to “be” with, at the same time allowing us to stay present and centred.

There is no right or wrong oil or oil blend to use, so just rely on your intuition at times like this. Frankincense is always a great one, as is Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Rose, Geranium, Orange and Ylang Ylang.

I could have chosen any of these oils, but my oils case for my 7 oil ritual was sitting right beside me, so I reached for those. I knew they’d cover everything we needed. This is a ritual I love to do every day, based on essential oil blends from Young Living.

And although I anointed my own body with oils, my intention was to also be a surrogate for both Gary and his wife, so that all 3 of us would be blessed by the love in these precious plant aromas.

The 7 Oil Ritual

The ritual begins with 3 drops of Valor oil blend under each of my feet, rotated 3 times clockwise. Then I put my right hand under my right foot and my left hand under my left foot, and I hold (palm to sole) for a few minutes.
I always look and feel for a shift in me before I move on to the next oil. This time, it happened as my body took a huge deep breath, finishing it with a big sigh. Our collective energy was now balanced.
Then, on each of my shoulders I put a drop of Sacred Mountain. This beautiful oil blend is based on conifer oils and Ylang Ylang, and was created to remind us of what it feels like to be a small animal protected under the canopy of the forest. I love wearing Sacred Mountain, because it reminds me that it’s safe to be vulnerable, and that I am protected.
Next, on my solar plexus (a hand’s width above the navel) I put a drop of Gathering oil. I rotate it three times clockwise over my solar plexus, and with each inbreath I imagine myself gathering blue light from around me and drawing it into my solar plexus, until it is vibrating with light…like a mini sun, except that it’s sky blue.
Then, on my heart chakra (lower centre of chest) I place a drop of Gratitude oil. At this point in the ritual I always pause to acknowledge something outside of myself that I’m grateful for. This time, my gratitude is to the Universe for the state of “flow” that I found myself in this morning.
When we’re in flow, we find ourselves in the perfect place at the perfect time. It’s as if someone has been looking down upon us, orchestrating every moment of every hour so that it will lead us to this moment. Today, I was available at that precise moment that my friend phoned to say that Gary had passed. It couldn’t have been more perfect.
Next, on my sacral chakra (a hand’s width below the navel) I put a drop of Sensation oil. This beautiful oil blend fosters self love, intimacy and togetherness - qualities I want to draw into our circle. This is the point in the 7 Oil Ritual where I acknowledge something I appreciate and love about myself.

Today, I acknowledged my ability to “be” with another person’s grief and loss with a fully open heart.
Following on from Sensation oil is Abundance oil. I put a drop on my wrist, rubbing both wrists together, and sweep my arms over my body as I affirm for each of us that we deserve love and abundance and so many wonderful things.
Then the final oil is White Angelica. I place 2 drops into my palm, rub both palms together, and stroke the White Angelica over my shoulders and over my aura.
White Angelica seals and protects our aura, helping to deflect negativity and allow us to float in a bubble of light, joy, clarity and peace.
This was the perfect way to “anchor” the energy of Gary’s blessing, allowing his Soul to take flight.

I know that he’s not his body. Now that he’s free of his body’s limitations, he’ll be able to do even more of his spiritual work, and we’ll feel him around us.

Yet grief is a journey, not a destination – it’s a process with many facets that we need to walk through. That’s why I’m so grateful to have my vibrational tools – my oils, crystals and sound vibrations – to bring blessings and sacred ritual and deep Soul nurturing at such a powerful time as death.

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