Affirmations for Mindfulness

Being mindful doesn't mean having no goals, only that wherever we are on the path toward our goals, we should be fully there and embrace the moment. A mindful attitude can bring peace, happiness, and fulfillment.

This month, our inspiration comes from Jon Kabat-Zinn and his beautiful book, Wherever You Go There You Are.

Are you ready to discover which statement has chosen you today? Intuitively pick a number between 1 and 9, and see which inspirational saying and oil blend is choosing you:

1. Guess what? When it comes right down to it, wherever
you go, there you are. Whatever you wind up doing, that’s
what you’ve wound up doing. Whatever you are thinking right
now, that’s what’s on your mind. Whatever has happened to
you, it has already happened. The important question
is, how are you going to handle it?
Oil Blend: Gratitude

2. You might be tempted to avoid the messiness of daily
living for the tranquillity of stillness and peacefulness. Except
this of course, would be an attachment to stillness, and
like any strong attachment, it leads to delusion.
Oil Blend: Release

3. Practice sharing the fullness of your being, your
best self, your enthusiasm, your vitality, your spirit, your
trust, your openness, above all, your presence. Share it
with yourself, with your family, with the world.
Oil Blend: Magnify Your Purpose

4. Mostly, we run around doing. Are you able to come
to a stop in your life, even for one moment? Could it be this
moment? What would happen if you did?
Oil Blend: Vetiver

5. Remain open to not knowing, perhaps allowing
yourself to come to the point of admitting, "I don't know,"
and then experimenting with relaxing a bit into this not knowing
instead of condemning yourself for it. After all, in this
moment, it may be an accurate statement of
how things are for you.
Oil Blend: Acceptance

6. Don’t go outside your house to see the flowers.
My friend, don’t bother with that excursion. Inside your
body there are flowers. One flower has a thousand petals.
That will do for a place to sit.
Oil Blend: Sensation

7. Letting go means just what it says. It’s an invitation to
cease clinging to anything—whether it be an idea, a thing,
an event, a particular time, or view, or desire. It is a conscious
decision to release with full acceptance into the stream of
present moments as they are unfolding. It’s akin to letting
your palm open to unhand something you have
been holding on to for a long time.
Oil Blend: Surrender

8. If we hope to go anywhere or develop ourselves in any
way, we can only step from where we are standing. If we
don't really know where we are standing...
We may only go in circles...
Oil Blend: Cedarwood

9. By grounding yourself in mindfulness early in the
morning, you are reminding yourself that things are always
changing, that good and bad things come and go, and
that it is possible to embody a perspective of constancy,
wisdom, and inner peace as you face any
conditions that present themselves.
Oil Blend: Grounding

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