Affirmations to Invite New Beginnings

Once we’ve let go of the past, we are ready to welcome new beginnings into our life, and embrace exciting new adventures.

Intuitively pick a number between 1 and 9, and see which affirmation is
choosing you today:

1. I stand in trust, knowing that I’m exactly where I need to be in this very moment

2. A one degree shift in mindset is all that it takes to change this reality for something even better.

3. I receive more of what I’m grateful for. In this moment let me be grateful for every gift that life has given me, and every lesson that has helped to mould me into who I am today.

4. In the blink of an eye there is a moment that holds no fear, no doubt, no hope, no anticipation. Instead, it holds the perfection of this very moment, when all is still.

5. As I breathe out, I release all attachments and desires that no longer serve me. As I pause between breaths, I descend into the mystery of the void where all things are possible. As I breathe in, I receive life’s many and wonderous gifts and surprises.

6. As the sun rises, a new day is born. This day holds in its hand the infinite possibilities and infinite pathways of life. Which will I choose to follow today?

7. I need nothing, for I am already whole. Therefore, this moment is bursting with blessings for me, and infinite opportunities for happiness.

8. When a dark cloud sits in front of the sun, has the sun disappeared? No – it is still there. And all that is required is the passing of a moment of time, and the sun will be seen once more. So no matter what is happening in my life, resting behind this is the radiant light of Love, just waiting to show itself once more.

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