Affirmations by Artemis


Intuitively pick a number between 1 and 9, to
see which inspirational saying and Young Living
essential oil or blend is choosing you today:

1. Why would I take advice from someone who cannot stand in my own shoes? That is
like inviting someone to navigate my yacht whilst sitting on the shore.
Oil Blend: Common Sense 

2. I cannot serve two masters. I choose to be true to myself, or I
choose to be liked. The choice is mine.
Oil Blend: Clarity

3. My mind and my heart are both of this Earth, yet my consciousness is not.
It is a part of God, the Spirit in all things. With my invitation, it can reach into this world
to be master of both mind and heart.
Oil Blend: Awaken

4. It is not for me to judge another’s path. I do not know what purpose their steps
serve in their life, or how many times they must fall before they fly. There is a fine balance between
fostering a heartfelt connection with another, and minding my own business.
Oil Blend: Acceptance

    5. Being in Service to Spirit means listening with an empty mind, uncluttered
    with preconceived ideas and opinions. The more neutral and open my mind, the more
    effectively I receive this higher wisdom.
    Oil Blend: Inspiration

    6. Humility is like water. It navigates its way through any obstacle, as it returns us
    to our Source. Its power should never be underestimated.
    Oil Blend: Humility
    7. Expectations are the
    cement that fills my shoes. As I release these, I can walk my path with a light
    footstep, able to pivot in the face of any obstacle.
    Oil Blend: Release

    8. Life’s lessons can be harsh. When l am served shit, it’s my choice whether I eat a
    shit sandwich, or use it to nourish and grow my crops. 
    Oil Blend: Gratitude

    9. Timing is everything. The right word delivered at the right time can free another 
    from bondage. But that same word delivered in the wrong moment will fall on deaf ears. Treat your words like precious gifts, and deliver them when they can be fully received. 
    Oil Blend: Transformation