Affirmations for Conscious Connection

Did you enjoy last month’s affirmations? They are the 9 guiding principles by which I live my life, and they are so powerful for everyone on a spiritual journey!

You probably know the saying that change always takes place in a vacuum?

I took a much needed 6 week break over Christmas. In the unexpected vacuum created by that break, I met someone special. So yes, love, intimacy and romance are definitely topics close to my heart right now. Even if you are “flying solo” and connecting with yourself first and foremost, these affirmations for conscious connection will be very supportive.  

Intuitively pick a number between 1 and 9, and see which affirmation and Young Living essential oil is choosing you today.

1. Let me know my own wholeness, so that I may meet others as an overflowing cup.
Single Oil: Sacred Frankincense

2. I am perfect in all of my imperfections. They are merely the road map of my life – some disappearing beyond view, others coming into perspective for healing.
Oil Blend: Present Time

3. When I stand in my power and at the same time embrace my playfulness
I am a force for dynamic transformation in all my relationships.
Oil Blend: Transformation

4. Speaking my truth is a catalyst for profound and positive change. 
As I name what I see and feel, the light is turned on and darkness disappears.
Oil Blend: Clarity 

6. I am in a state of active transformation, gazing into the mirror you are holding for me.
May I “own” all things I see as aspects of myself that are surfacing and inviting healing.
Oil Blend: Acceptance

7. Having the courage to be fully authentic blesses every relationship in my life. 
Oil Blend: Sacred Mountain

8. I do not need to seek for love.
Instead, I seek to uncover the barriers within me that I have erected to keep love out,
and help those dissolve. As I do that, love emerges in a form more brilliant than I could ever imagine. 
Single Oil: Rose

9. All I need to do is listen to my inner Self, which guides my footsteps in each and every moment, so that I am always in the perfect place at the perfect time with the perfect people surrounding me. 
Oil Blend: Awaken