Affirmations for Spiritual Awakening

If you’ve been loving our last 2 bulletins about my powerful and transformative journey with the book The Lost Teachings of Atlantis, then you will LOVE this month’s affirmations, which are all inspired by this amazing book.

Intuitively pick a number between 1 and 9, and see which affirmation and Young Living essential oil is choosing you today.

1. My consciousness is ALWAYS the result of my own choosing. Regardless of what appears to be happening around me, in every instant I hold the power to choose again. 
Single Oil: Awaken

2. Nothing can harm me, for I AM pure consciousness that exists far beyond the body and mind. 
Oil Blend: Sacred Mountain 

3. To become truly loving, find someone who truly loves. Empty yourself, and let their love fill you. Then keep not the love you have found to yourself. For only in giving it away will you always have it.
Oil Blend: Joy 

4. Believe not what you read or hear. Have faith only when you
know something to be true in the absolute depths of your Being. 
Single Oil: Believe

5. Unselfish love is the way of daily balance. Practice it with reverence, today and every day.
Oil Blend: Harmony

6. ALL Vibration seeks its own level. Choose your course by setting forth the Vibration.
By Law you WILL go there. By Law it WILL come to you. 
Oil Blend: Envision

7. Judge not the path of another. You cannot understand their path, or the purpose it serves.
You are here to know your own path. Put your focus there.
Oil Blend: Acceptance

8. Practise patience and humility, for these are the qualities of Unselfish Love.
Practise kindness, harmlessness and compassion, for these are the virtues of Unselfish Love. 
Oil Blend: Humility

9. The Conscious Teacher radiates their pure consciousness just by Being.
Those in their presence are impacted by their Light, even when no words are spoken. 
Oil Blend: 3 Wise Men

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