Affirmations for the New Year

Did you enjoy last year’s affirmations? It’s such a beautiful way to remind yourself of what’s important, and an opportunity to gift yourself a moment of “mindfulness” as you connect with the affirmation of the day.

A few years ago, I came up with a very powerful set of 8 affirmations as my New Year’s Resolution. They were so transformational that I have consciously lived those principles in my life ever since. This year, I have added one more (number 9).

Intuitively pick a number between 1 and 9, and see which affirmation is choosing you today...

As a special treat, I’ve also included a Young Living oil blend to partner with your affirmation:

1. Free Fall 

Let me release all attachment to this situation, and experience that state of surrender and acceptance that comes with "free falling" in every situation.

2. Zig Zag 

I give myself permission to express my truth in this moment, and “zig zag” (ie. Change my mind) if I suddenly awaken and realise my truth lies in a different direction. 


3. Speak the Truth 

Let me speak honestly and truthfully from a place of service, knowing that my words may be difficult to hear, yet they contain the capacity for deep transformation of this situation.

4. Let Go 

Let me release all that no longer serves me, so that I may travel lightly into the future, carrying with me only that which is my divine Essence and Light.

5. Respect Myself 

Allow me today to honour the beautiful Soul that rests within me, whose Light and Radiance shines out through my physical body for all to see.

6. I DO Know

I trust in my ability to know the right action and the right path. Let me be still for a moment, so that I may connect with my inner wisdom and knowing.

7. I empower and facilitate, NOT rescue

I respect each person and animal’s deeper journey. I wait for inner guidance on when to reach out, and in what form my help should take. 

8. I need nothing & no one, and I am FREE!

Every attachment and desire is a bond that hurts me and robs me of my freedom. As I release all attachments, I am instantly free to be my true Self, whole in every way.

9. I deserve Abundance

Abundance is the energy of love. It lives in harmony with my ability to receive. Today, I know what a beautiful Soul I am, and how deserving I am of all things wonderful and abundant. 

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