An Ancient Egyptian Ritual

In January 2000, I was invited to attend a special conference. 1,100 people from around the world flew into Dallas to attend a 4 day essential oil training with D. Gary Young, the founder of Young Living Essential Oils. It was there that I first learned the Emotional Clearing Technique, which I shared about in my last blog.
Gary talked about his recent adventure in Egypt, where he’d visited the Temple of Isis on the Island of Philae. When he was there, one of the temple guards had approached him, and invited Gary to follow him. It took some persuasion – Gary had no idea why this guard had singled him out of the many tourists who were there that day, and was at first quite sceptical, thinking the guard just wanted to sell him something, or ask for money.
But in fact, the guard had received a spiritual message that he was acting on – this man in front of him, Gary Young, needed to be shown a special room….a room that was off bounds to all tourists, including Egyptians.
The door that opened that day for Gary Young was one of those mysterious happenings.

I have no explanation other than to say that God had a hand in what unfolded that day.

Gary took videos and photos of the room, and the incredible hieroglyphs around the walls, and he later had the help of University researchers to interpret the information. Here’s what he discovered….
This particular room was no ordinary room. It was where a special ritual took place for Pharaohs before they passed, and for the Priests and Priestesses as part of their initiation into higher realms of spiritual learning.
The ritual itself was called “Cleansing the Flesh and Blood of Evil Deities”, which today we would call “Ridding ourselves of our emotional demons”, or simply “Emotional Clearing Technique”.
Below is an image from one of the hieroglyphs in that room. It shows two people in Egyptian head dresses. One is standing at the feet and one is at the head of the person receiving this technique. They are anointing this person with essential oils, and the person's arm is thrown up over their face - an emotional release, perhaps?
The ancient Egyptian ritual lasted for 3 days and 3 nights. It began on the roof of the temple, where the person being initiated would descend into a stone bath filled with water and essential oils. This happened at sunset, as the sun descended across the horizon.
They then went into the special room, which was 3 metres by 3 metres in dimension. In this room was a stone slab. The receiver would lie on this slab with their head to the east and their feet to the west, and for the next 3 days they were given only water and no food, and were anointed with essential oils.
As I was listening to Gary talking about the ancient heritage of this technique, I felt the pull to try it. Gary explained to us how he’d formulated a series of blends to target different emotional facets. His version of the ancient ritual was very simple. The receiver would lie face up on a massage table, and Gary took about an hour to anoint them with 13 of these essential oils blends for emotions.
When I returned to Australia, I bought all of the oil blends that Gary had used. It sounded like a pretty awesome technique, and I was keen to try it out in one of my spiritual development classes.
Gary was very clear with us. Start with Valor essential oil blend, and then add 2 or 3 other oils on. There’s no need to use all 13 oils.
So here I was, ready to try it out on my students. We’d set up mattresses on the floor, and we followed Gary’s instructions. It seemed so simple, yet the results blew me away. The most profound experience was for a young woman. As she was being anointed, her Spirit took her back in time to a memory of sexual abuse that she’d experienced in her teens. I was a rebirthing practitioner, so I was comfortable supporting people through emotional experiences…but even so, this was the most effortless accessing of a deep emotional wound that I’d ever seen.

She flowed into the memories and the pain and then out the other side to a place of joy with incredible ease.

Then, a year later, it was time for me to run another spiritual development course. But this time, perhaps fortuitously, I’d forgotten Gary’s instructions. Instead of Valor followed by 2 or 3 other oils, we replicated what Gary had demonstrated in Dallas. We used Valor, followed by the remaining 12 oils.
Students were working in groups of 3, with one person lying on a mattress on the floor, and two givers, who did the anointing and space holding for the recipient, all the while being completely unobtrusive.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to receive this technique? It’s pretty amazing! As each oil blend goes on, you sink into a deeper and deeper state of relaxation, until you are in a powerful meditative state. The aromas and frequency of each essential oil stimulate the limbic region of your brain where emotions and memory are stored. As this occurs, your mind begins to journey, taking you on an inner quest.
I love this technique. Instead of a facilitator or therapist guiding your journey, it’s your own psyche that takes you where you most need to go. The most unexpected memories and emotions can arise, yet at other times this technique can also be deeply spiritual and nurturing, allowing you to connect with Spirit, spiritual guides and your inner truth, so that solutions can be unlocked for various obstacles and problems that may be happening in your life.
On this particular day, Kelly was one of the students to be receiving the technique first. She lay on the mattress, and her two givers brought incredible love and care to the anointing process. Watching them was like watching the most beautifully crafted symphony, as they applied an oil, waited a few minutes, then applied the next oil.
As the session drew to a close, it was obvious that Kelly was still very deep in her journey. She wasn’t naturally waking up in the way the others students were. Instead, tears were rolling down her face.
The two beautiful ladies who were anointing Kelly reached out to me and asked if they could skip their turn to receive. They knew that Kelly wasn’t ready to come out of her journey, and needed more time.
That was an incredible act of kindness from them. They chose to honour Kelly’s process and make her important, over their own needs.

Kelly’s emotional clearing went for an hour and a half, and as she naturally began emerging from her deep meditative state, she felt a little disorientated. The sun had gone down over the horizon, and she woke to a darkened room. She went home very quietly that night, and it was only the next day when she arrived for day 2 of the course that she began sharing.
Kelly had been admitted to hospital a few days before the course. She’d had a 3 month menstrual period, and had lost so much blood that she’d collapsed. The doctors were going to immediately operate, but she refused to give permission as she didn’t want to miss our course. Instead, they gave her fluids and sent her home, and she was due to go back to hospital the next week for some exploratory surgery.
But after she’d finished her emotional clearing session, she’d gone home and the bleeding had stopped. The following week she went in for the operation, but the doctors opted not to operate. And a month later, Kelly had a normal period, and that’s continued for her to this day.
Was it the essential oils that caused this? ……no, it wasn’t.
As much as I love and revere my oils, this result didn’t come about from the oils. What happened that day was something that could never be replicated, and in fact it stood above and beyond all physical possibility.

We were in the presence of a miracle.

But what is a miracle? It is something that defies all physical and logical reason, when for an instant we leave behind our world of limitations and physical laws, and instead we enter the limitless world of the divine.
It happens in the presence of true love….which came about thanks to the selfless kindness from Kelly’s two givers, who chose to love her above their own needs. That was the true healing for Kelly – her Soul had been craving to be seen and loved, and that’s what she experienced that day. The oils were simply the wings upon which that love was carried to her.
But two other things are needed for a miracle to take place. Firstly, it must be in harmony with that Soul’s journey, because sometimes our physical and emotional challenges are there to provide us with an important trigger for growth. Removing them would remove the opportunity for growth, and that will never happen.
Secondly, the recipient of the miracle must be able to let it in. Kelly was in such a relaxed and connected space throughout her session that she’d had an energetic shift, which in turn had allowed her to receive this miracle.
I remember that day as if it was yesterday, and Kelly and I are still in touch, many years later. It was Kelly’s experience that anchored me so closely to this technique, that it’s been part of my life ever since. I love to give myself this technique when I feel out of balance, and I love helping others with it. I even teach a 4 day practitioner class based around this amazing technique.

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