Animals Don't Lie


Many years ago, I was visiting my mother in Brisbane and she drew my attention to a newspaper article. It told the sad plight of a little Shetland pony who was owned by the local Riding for the Disabled group. His name was Bobby.

At that time, Brisbane had been subject to some powerful floods, and with the previous floods many of the horses had ended up stranded. So when weather stations predicted more rain and potential flooding, the owners decided to put all of the horses in the stables on higher ground.

But no one was to realise how bad this flood was going to be….and when the RSPCA finally came to the rescue, they found some of the horses in the stable had been drowned.

They saw this tiny nose poking out of the water, and they assumed it was another dead horses. But as they investigated, they witnessed a most incredible miracle. This horse was Bobby, and he was not dead. Instead, he had managed to get himself up onto the rails of the stable, and was using them to push his nose above the water so he could breathe.

Although Bobby survived the flood, his long-term playmate didn’t, and was one of the horses that had drowned.

Bobby just wasn’t the same after that. The Vets couldn’t find anything wrong with him physically, but his health just kept deteriorating, and he spiralled downhill.

Sometimes, the loss is enough for a person to lose the will to live.

How often do we hear stories of husbands and wives who have been together since High School? After one of them passes, the other can quite suddenly develop an illness and also pass, in order to join their beloved on the other side of the veil.
Animals like Bobby are far more sensitive than we give them credit for, and many of them experience grief just as we do. And this grief can impact their will to live.

An Emotional Clearing Technique on Bobby

I reached out to the Riding for the Disabled group, and offered to give Bobby an emotional clearing session with essential oils. I have seen how essential oils can have such a powerful and positive effect on our emotions…and I was hoping that this would be the case with Bobby, and that he would feel more peaceful, and even (just maybe) be able to release the grief that was causing him to spiral.
They gratefully accepted, however things didn’t go to plan. When I turned up with my case of oils to give Bobby his session, no one was there to greet me. Over the phone, they explained to me where I would find him, and what he would look like. He was in an enormous paddock with many other horses, but after some searching I did indeed find Bobby.
But the next issue was the lack of a halter. I had nothing to restrain him, and he was absolutely set on the idea of walking around the paddock while he waited for his afternoon meal.

In the end, I did the only thing I could think of at the time…I gave him the session while he was walking. This wasn’t ideal by any means. Normally I would allow myself to deeply connect with an animal as I’m giving a session, so that they receive both the love and connection from me, and the blessing of the essential oils that I choose.
But that wasn’t an option with Bobby, so he just received essential oils. I used 13 different Young Living blends on him, in a specific order.

I put an oil on, waited a few minutes for the oil to take effect, then put the next oil on. If you would like to know which oils I used, please email me at 
Altogether, the session would have taken 45 minutes to an hour. At the end of the session, I bid Bobby goodbye. What was so obvious to me was that I hadn’t formed an emotional connection with him. He was completely focussed on wanting to get to his food, and I was as incidental as a bothersome fly.
I’d never given a session to an animal without forming that emotional bond, and in my mind, I felt that I’d failed him. I hadn’t given him the beautiful and powerful session that my heart wanted to give him, and I felt that the logistical challenges had prevented that.
As I left, I remember thinking “Well, I guess I get to see how good these oils are!” because I knew that his gift was purely the oils themselves, placed on these different power centres of the body.

Weeks went by, and I heard nothing from Riding from the Disabled. My calls weren’t returned, and in the end I concluded that the worst must have happened…Bobby must have passed away.
Then, 3 months later, I received a phone call. After profusely apologising for the absence of contact, she gave me some news that lifted my Spirits to the moon and back.
Prior to my emotional clearing session, the owners had decided that if Bobby was to survive, he’d be retired. But his transformation after the emotional clearing had been so incredibly powerful that they’d ended up bringing him back into sessions with the disabled children, and he was doing what he loved most…helping children!

There was one other woman who had also performed a spiritual session on Bobby (not using oils)…and the combined effect of both of our sessions had brought him back from the brink.
This was such a deep lesson for me in the power of essential oils. They work intelligently on our emotions, to release grief and bring about a state of balance and peace. And animals don’t lie! With humans, there can always be a placebo effect, simply because they want something to work. Yet animals are so honest, and don’t have the same attachments to outcomes that we have. When we see a transformation like this, we know that it’s a genuine transformation, brought about by a beautiful natural substance that is Nature’s gift to us. 

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