Crystal Dreaming 1 – Love at First Sight

Crystals are amazing beings of consciousness, and they have been calling to me for 30 years. I no longer walk into a crystal shop thinking “I’m going to buy myself an amethyst crystal”. Instead, I allow the crystal to choose me.

One of my most extraordinary crystal stories happened in Venice Beach, USA.

I was wandering along my favourite street in Venice Beach, and walked into a lingerie store. There, sitting on a black granite bench, was one of the most beautiful and unusual crystals I had ever seen.

I asked if it was for sale, and the woman responded to me emphatically that, “No, that’s not for sale. Lots of people have asked to buy it, but it belongs to my Nephew and he’d never sell it. He’s just loaned it to me for a few months for my new shop.”

Well, this crystal was far more beautiful in my eyes than any of the lingerie in the shop!

As I gazed at this crystal, I felt like a child on their first trip to Disneyland! It was like a whole magical microcosm inside a single crystal.

Whilst it was in essence a large clear quartz cluster, it had other stones merged in with it, including black haematite and a hint of smokey quartz. The overall impression was of a black and white piece, with splashes of orange. It had multiple terminated clear crystals coming out of it, many of which were exquisitely clear, and some of which had rutile (black straws) inside of them.

I sat and talked to this crystal, felt its energy, and fell in love with it. Then, knowing it would never be mine, I very reluctantly said goodbye to the crystal and the woman, and walked out of the shop.

As I left, I pondered how strange it was. Every time I’ve ever been really drawn to a crystal, it’s been for sale. How extraordinary to be drawn to a crystal that is not for sale.

Within a minute or two of leaving the store, still dreaming of this amazing crystal, Spirit came to me. I was told to return to the store and offer the woman US$2,400 for the crystal.

That crystal was definitely worth that much to me…yet I would still have the issue of how to safely carry it back to Australia. And you know the other thing? I felt really shy about doing this. This woman had already told me it wasn’t for sale.

Would you like to know what happened next?

I wish I could tell you that I had totally trusted Spirit’s message to me, turned around, and walked back into the shop and made the offer. But that’s not what happened….

Instead, I spent the next 2 hours wandering other shops, continuing to dream about this amazing crystal.

My ego took control for a little while. The amount of money I had been told to offer for it was significant, and so I was seeking reassurance it was a “fair” price for the crystal, and that I wasn’t overpaying. So I wandered into some other crystal shops in the area and enquired on the prices of other substantial pieces, until I was completely convinced that the price Spirit had given me was reasonable. And it was.

My shyness was also slamming me in the face. So I rehearsed in my mind how I would put the offer to the woman, in a way that would be best received. I ran through multiple scenarios in my mind, until I could feel the one that resonated most with me. 

It was only then that I went back to the lingerie store, and told the woman that I would like to make an offer on the crystal. Again, she repeated her initial story, “It belongs to my nephew, he won’t sell it. No one’s actually made an offer before, but I just know he won’t want to part with it. It means too much to him.”

I wrote on a piece of paper the amount that Spirit had told me to offer, and slid it across her beautiful black granite bench. She took one look at the amount, and her eyes widened. She looked at me with her jaw open, and said, “You know…he and his wife have just had a new baby, and I know they are struggling financially. This amount would make the world of difference to them. I think he may just take it!”

As soon as I made the offer, the woman phoned her Nephew straight away, he answered straight away, and he accepted my offer on the spot. Don’t you just love how Spirit works?

And that’s the moment when the magic really began to happen. It didn’t matter that I’d lost myself in my ego’s chatter for a little while. We are having a human experience, and the ego is part of that journey. The important thing is to know when we’re listening to Spirit, and when we’re listening to the Ego.

The outcome was that I’d chosen to overcome my own fears and doubts and had followed Spirit’s instructions.

So with the first obstacle overcome, I then had the issue of how to get this monstrously large and heavy crystal home with me. I paid for it, and wandered across the road to a large bookstore to see if I could get a heavy duty cardboard box in which to put the crystal. They gave me one…and it was the perfect size for the crystal.

Then, on the woman’s recommendation I went to a nearby store to see if I could get a tote bag to put the box into. They were selling these tote bags…but even though I hadn’t bought anything from their store, they gave me a tote bag free of charge…and the box fitted perfectly into the tote bag.

So with the logistics solved and my international flight departing in a few hours’ time, I very casually took my extremely heavy crystal with me as hand luggage, as I didn’t trust it to be in checked-in luggage. 

Again, like magic, I breezed through the airport and onto the plane, and off the other end. I was not stopped. I was not questioned. It was easy.

Have you ever had that experience of life unfolding with such incredible ease and synchronicity that it’s like watching a perfect symphony? That’s when you know you’re in alignment with Spirit and walking the perfect path for you.

That’s what it was like for me with this crystal, which now sits in pride of place on my black granite kitchen benchtop at home, where I get to enjoy its beauty and energy every single day.

Yet there’s more to this story that I haven’t shared with you...

This particular crystal was bought by this young man when he was on a family holiday in China. He saw it at a market one day, and behind the table was a Chinese sage. When this young man asked to buy it, the Chinese sage told him he would have to come back the next day. So he did. This continued for several days in a row.

Finally, the Chinese sage agreed to sell it to him…for US$100.

Now I paid a lot more than that for the crystal. Yet it wasn’t about the price. That crystal is priceless in my eyes. I don’t know where it came from, and I don’t know all the different stones it has in it. But I do know that it’s one of the most exquisite and unusual pieces I’ve ever found, and it asked to come halfway across the world with me, so that it could live with me and bless my life. 

And I know there is a lot more to this story. The fact that the Chinese sage needed this young man to show how much he wanted it before he’d sell it to him tells me it’s a VERY special crystal indeed.

Would you love to know how to allow a crystal to choose you, in the same way that this crystal chose me? If so, stay tuned…..I’m going to cover that in next week’s blog.


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