Crystal Dreaming 2 - How to Let a Crystal Choose You!

In our last blog, I shared the story of a most unusual crystal that had travelled halfway around the world to be with me. 

Ultimately, the best way to work with crystals is to let them choose you, rather than you choosing them.

Their consciousness reaches beyond their physical form. They (the crystals) know if they are a good fit for you. If they are, they will connect with your heart and Soul, and inspire you to pick them up and take them home with you.

Whilst there are many great crystal books on the market that will tell you the benefits of this particular type of crystal, use the knowledge from these books simply out of interest. Why has this crystal chosen you? What are its meanings, and how does that resonate with your life? Here is how to allow a crystal to choose you:

Step 1:

When you walk into a crystal shop, begin by grounding yourself.

Crystals have a very powerful energy field, so having a lot of crystals in a small space (ie. a room) means you have a lot of overlapping energies.

It’s like walking into a sporting arena before a big event…there’s a lot of excitement and a lot of different energies, and it can make us feel scattered.

Centre and quieten your energy before you start to look for which crystal is calling out to you.

A great way of doing this is to imagine a beautiful tall tree. Imagine this tree growing up through the earth, right where you are standing. Its girth is the size of a room. Watch as its roots grow down through the Earth, deeper and deeper until they reach the centre of the Earth. See them wrapping around the centre of the Earth, gripping it with such strength that it is immovable. Feel the trunk of the tree moving up through your spine, inch by inch.

Then as the tree trunk reaches the top of your head, feel its branches starting to expand, growing out through the top of your head, reaching for the sky. Again, reconnect with its root system, ensuring that you can feel the roots anchored in the Earth.

This simple visualisation will help you to anchor your own energies as you walk around the crystal shop.

Step 2:

Next, let go of any and all attachment to what type of crystal you are looking for. Open yourself to all possibilities and ask the crystal that is right for you to choose you.

This is very important.

When you have a preconceived idea of what type of crystal you want, you put a “filter” onto your eyes so that you are ignoring things that don’t fit that perception. So the act of releasing all expectation is a very simple thing to do, but very powerful when you are opening to crystal energy.

Step 3:

Take your time, and slowly walk around the crystal shop. Open your heart and your consciousness to the crystals.

As you face shelf after shelf of crystals, let your eyes scan the crystals on each shelf. Soften your vision and let yourself feel. Which crystal or crystals jump out at you, either visually or through your feelings? Which one is grabbing your attention above the others?

It might jump out at you because it looks beautiful. Or it may not be the most beautiful looking crystal on the shelf, but it may have an energy or a colour or a “feel” that draws you to it.

Trust this instinct. Spirit knows what we like and dislike, and works through our innate preferences to draw us to the things that are right for us.

So when you are looking for the crystal that is calling out to you, trust that the ones that appeal to you the most (whether that’s their colour, shape, beauty or feeling) are indeed the right ones for you.

Step 4:

Once you have narrowed your selection to a few crystals that most jump out at you, ask to touch them. I will often request that they be lined up on the front counter, so I can more easily handle them and feel them and compare them side-by-side.

Look for the one that “calls” you above all others. This is the crystal that wants to come home with you.

It’s natural that you will want to understand the qualities of this crystal, to understand why it has chosen you. Each type of crystal has different qualities, and you’ll find some great explanations online and in a good crystal book. Ask the crystal shop which book they recommend.

Nowadays I rarely put much emphasis on the qualities of a crystal as written in a book. That’s a curiosity to me, rather than a deciding point.

The reason that this crystal has chosen you may have nothing to do with what type of crystal it is, or what a book tells you it’s supposed to mean.

Crystals have a consciousness, and it’s their consciousness that chooses you.

It’s like going into a pet store looking to choose a puppy. There will be one puppy whose personality and “feel” will jump out at you, and that’s the puppy you want to bring home with you. It may not be the breed you were thinking you were going to buy. It may not be the sex you thought you were going to have. But it’s the perfect puppy for you and your family.

It’s the same with crystals. One will speak to you, it will shine more brightly to the other crystals in your eyes, and that’s the right crystal for you.

Trust your instincts – they will be spot on every time.

How much will my crystal cost?

The next question you may have is how much will my crystal cost? How do I know what it’s worth?

Three main factors come into pricing a crystal:

  1. What type of crystal is it? The rarer and more difficult to obtain crystals fetch a higher price.

  2. What is its quality or grade? “Grade A” crystals are your higher quality crystals, as evidenced by their richer or deeper colours, and their clarity when you look inside the clear part of the crystal (much like a diamond’s clarity). This particularly applies if you are looking at a quartz crystal such as clear quartz, rose quartz or amethyst. Then there are other unique aspects to the crystal such as “inclusions”, for example do they have rainbows inside, or moss, or trapped water, or unusual patterns? Ask the shop assistant for their help and guidance with understanding the grade of the crystal that is calling to you.

  3. What does it weigh? The next deciding factor for price is the weight of the crystal. If you have two crystals side by side, each the same type and grade of crystal, then the weight will indicate which crystal will be more expensive.

The other thing that I look for in a crystal that has had minimal human intervention. If it’s a quartz crystal, I prefer if its terminated end (where the point is) has not been cut by man, but instead retains its natural point. It’s not always easy to tell if a point is natural or man-cut, so ask the shop attendant if you’re not sure. 

Even though a more natural stone is a preference for me, it is not the ultimate deciding factor. Having a crystal “choose” me is more important to me than its value, or whether it’s had human intervention.

I have some beautiful tumbled crystals, including some stunning crystal balls. And I have a gorgeous pair of heat-treated amethyst caves.

When amethyst is heat-treated, it loses its purple colour and instead turns into a deep burnt-orange colour which is equally stunning to look at. It is often referred to as “Citrine”, because its colour is similar to a natural citrine. Its qualities become a combination of both amethyst (which is its true nature), and citrine (due to the qualities of the colour orange).

So now that you know how to allow a crystal to choose you, it’s time to go hunting! I’d love to see a pic of the crystal that has chosen you, and why. Please post a pic and comments on our Facebook or Instagram pages.

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