Does it Quack?

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned is the one about the Fluffy Duck. If it doesn’t quack, don’t do it.

This has become my secret to warping time in my life. I’ve always been filled with a treasure chest of passions and ideas, so that it often seems cruel to have only 24 hours in a day. I find myself burning the candle at both ends to make every moment of my life count. So of course I’m fascinated by how to warp time…and I’ve discovered how to do it!

When I have a block of time at my disposal, such as a day or part-day or even a couple of hours, I’ll make a list of the various things I could potentially get done in that day. Then I’ll ask myself, “Of all of these things, which one do I most feel like doing? Which one lights my fire right now?” It might be something fun and personal, it might be something that calls my attention around the house, or it might be something on my list of work topics.

And that’s the one I choose to do. And do you know what?

When I live my life this way, doing just those things I really want to do in any moment in time, I find that time changes.

I look back, and I’m astounded by how easily that task unfolds, how “in flow” I am with it, and how much I get achieved. All the cogs fall into place perfectly, all the traffic lights are green, I only have to think about needing a car parking space and one appears right where I need to go. I’m sure you know this feeling of “Flow”.

And when I’m in this type of flow, loving what I’m doing because it’s exactly what I feel like doing at that moment, time mysteriously warps.

And I've always known that when we are doing what we love, abundance and success will naturally follow. It's a great recipe for both life and happiness.

I think of it as the rule of 3.

After all, 3 is a very mystical number. So if I have a 1 hour block of time, I somehow manage to get 3 hours’ worth of tasks done in that 1 hour. If it’s a 5 hour block of time, I manage to get 15 hours’ worth of tasks done in that 5 hours.

It’s extraordinary, and it’s a secret that so few people know about or live by!!!

And because living this way brings a sense of joy and peace to each activity, I find it much easier to then tackle the “chores” in life in this same state of presence. Chores no longer feel like they drag me down. Instead, they become a meditation in mindfulness.

So where does the fluffy duck come in?

This is a concept taught by Swami Sarasvati, the well-known yogi, philosopher, television personality and natural health expert, and founder of Swami’s Yoga Retreat.

Swami was one of the first people to bring Yoga into popularity in Australia. Her yoga program, which taught many Australians to bend, breathe and connect, ran on morning television from the late 60’s through to the 70’s. This was complemented by her books and videos, and by the yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic massage classes held at her Yoga Retreat (which she founded in 1983).

Although Swami herself has now retired, her work lives on through her Retreat centre, located on 60 acres of bushland in Kenthurst, Sydney.

Swami has always taught her students that if it doesn’t feel like a fluffy duck, don’t do it.

Take a moment to visualise what it feels like to hold a cute little fluffy duckling.

It’s soft, it’s warm, it’s something you melt over when you hold it, it holds your entire attention in your palm.

This is what our life is meant to feel like! When we use fluffy ducks as our guidance, we are always on track.

I had one such experience this morning. I’d booked into an Ecstatic Dance event, and I was pondering what do to before it started. Hmmm….I could go for a walk on the beach, which would be cleansing and uplifting. Or I could go to the Byron Bay Markets, which are located next to the beach I love to walk along. Which would I do?

Either would have been lovely, but as I was deciding on my next move, I got this very strong pull to go to the markets. I wanted to buy a vegetable peeler for a friend. There’s this guy at the markets who sells these amazing peelers. I have one in my kitchen, and I bought one for my friend a few years ago…but it had recently broken, and I wanted to replace it for her as an act of love and kindness.

So in that split second when I asked myself what I wanted to do, that was it. I’d go to the markets. There was my fluffy duck quacking.

And so I did, and I had fun browsing the stalls, and buying not one but 3 of these peelers (so I’d have 2 up my sleeve “just in case”).

It was the perfect way to start the day. I felt connected, happy, and then made my way to dance and I danced my heart out with the biggest smile on my face. And then I came home and I felt like doing a task that I’ve been putting off for a few weeks, and so I spent 4 hours tackling that task, then writing this blog. Everything has fallen into place with such ease.

So next time you have a decision to make, or a block of time on your hands, take a look around to find your fluffy duck. Where is its quacking leading you?


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