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The Power of Lockdown

I have been one of the fortunate ones. My region has only been in lockdown for a bit over 3 weeks, compared to the months and months of lockdown experienced in some cities. At first, lockdown felt like a holiday. My body relaxed, I had nowhere else to be but at home, and I enjoyed the quietness.
But a couple of weeks into it, I noticed myself becoming agitated. I felt trapped, imprisoned in my beautiful home.
The birds were still singing, the possums and koalas were still letting me know they were around, the trees and flowers were still waving in the breeze. I was still going out a few times a week to plant my feet in the sand and walk the beach, I was still doing a quick trip for groceries….yet my inner agitation grew.
I was missing the sight of people. I was missing the opportunity to gaze on the face of a friend, and have a heartfelt conversation. I was missing the feeling of spontaneity that would call me out of my home and to a local café for a favourite dish. I was missing the freedom that I had taken for granted as being a part of life on this Planet.
I felt the rumbling volcano of inner distress mounting, and as it did, instead of running towards my Spirit (which would have made the most logical sense), I found myself running away….seeking anything that would fill the growing chasm inside.

I threw myself into work. I watched some evening television to get my “people fix”. I ferociously cuddled my cats so that my skin would remember the joy of being touched by another body. I felt like a silhouette to my Spirit. If my reality is likened to a room, my Spirit was standing on one side, whilst the distressed me was standing on the other, behaving in an incredibly human way.
It was then that I really came to appreciate why solitary confinement is used in prisons as a method of torture….and why some monks will choose solitary confinement as their pathway to inner peace and enlightenment.

It offers us the greatest of challenges, but also the greatest of gifts.

Yet although I could logically understand this, by this stage I was feeling isolated not only from the outer world, but also from my Spirit.
Fortunately, we are never alone. No matter how isolated we may be feeling, we are loved and watched over by Spirit, and by the many Higher Beings that exist beyond our physical vision.
When we find ourselves walking down a dark path that is not the path we really want to be traveling along, there are many lifelines thrown our way, many hands reaching out to help us. Spirit works to move things around in our world, to put the right people, the right books, the right inspirations in front of us to show us how to get back on track. We just need to be humble enough to notice them, to realise they are our queue and our lifeline, and to reach back.

For a week or more I'd been feeling that I needed to give myself an Emotional Clearing Technique using essential oils. This technique was developed by the founder of Young Living Essential Oils, D. Gary Young, after a life-changing visit he’d made to Egypt.
There, he’d discovered an ancient Egyptian ritual for “cleansing the flesh and blood of evil deities”, which in today’s world we would call Negative Emotions. It was an anointing ritual using essential oils, and was revered by Priests, Priestesses and Pharaohs alike.
Gary had returned to America to create a series of blends of essential oil designed to transform emotions. Each blend has its own frequency, and works on a different facet of our emotional journey. He called it the Emotional Clearing Technique, and he first taught it in Dallas in 2000. I was one of 1,100 people who’d flown in from around the world to attend that training.
It’s a beautiful technique that can be performed on ourself or a loved one. In our next blog, I’d love to share with you some of the experiences I’ve had from this amazing technique. Suffice to say that it’s a technique I reach for when I’m feeling out of balance.

It returns me to my alignment with Spirit, and it also helps to pull me out of stress.

That night, after giving myself an Emotional Clearing Technique, I felt soooooo amazing. I slept more deeply than I had in weeks, and the next day I was relaxed and at peace. Nothing stressed me out.
And since then I’ve been sleeping well, doing more walks than normal, I’ve returned to my positive daily rituals that help me to remain balanced, and I’ve opened my heart to the beautiful people around me who are reaching out to me as I’m reaching out to them.
I am at one with myself again. And how beautiful to be able to achieve this with such a simple, one hour process that we can perform on ourself when needed.

How to perform this technique:

This is how it goes. Lie quietly, as you apply the oils. Pause for 4 to 5 minutes between each oil application, and allow your mind to drift wherever it needs to. Embrace any memories or emotions as they arise.

1. Valor – 3 drops under each foot, rotated 3 times clockwise. Then hold with left palm under left foot and right palm under right foot for 5 to 10 minutes, until the body’s energy rhythms feel balanced. Valor balances the electrical energy field, and sends you into a deep state of relaxation.
2. Harmony – 1 drop up each chakra, starting with the sacral chakra (5cm below the navel), then the solar plexus chakra (5cm above the navel), then the heart chakra (lower middle of chest), then the throat chakra (over the adam’s apple), then the third eye chakra (lower middle forehead). Harmony balances the chakras, and deepens your relaxation even further.
3. 3 Wise Men – 1 drop on the crown chakra (top of the head). 3 Wise men opens us to universal healing. It doesn’t heal of itself – it allows us to feel humble enough to open up to the love and healing which is all around us, so that we become like an antennae.
4. Present Time – 1 drop on the thymus (a hand’s width under the throat notch, ie. upper centre of chest). Present Time anchors us in the present moment. We need to start all journeys from the present, so that we feel safe enough to then travel wherever we need to go on our inner vision quest.
5. Inner Child – 1 drop on the navel. Inner Child connects us with the child within, and its joys and memories and spontaneity.
6. Release – 3 drops on the liver, which is the right side of the torso, towards the lower rib cage area. Release helps us to release anything we are holding onto, including pent up emotions and anger.
7. Dream Catcher – 1 drop on the third eye, at the lower centre of the forehead. Dream Catcher was created to keep the bad dreams at bay, allowing our positive dreams and visions to flow through. In this sequence, it takes us out of our body, and sends us into the dream state.
8. Forgiveness – 1 drop on the navel. Forgiveness carries our mind into areas of darkness, helping us to recognise the areas in our life where forgiveness is needed.
9. Hope – 1 drop on each ear lobe. Hope oil is used when we reach a place of utter hopelessness in our life, when our distress seems to reach into eternity, and we simply don’t know where to turn next. Many people are reaching that point during lockdown. It’s a much-needed oil right now.
10. Joy – 1 drop on the heart chakra, on the lower middle centre of the chest. Joy oil lifts us out of grief and sorrow, and into a state of joy.
11. SARA – 2 to 5 drops, wherever you feel that sorrow is being held. This is our antidote to attack and trauma. It can be placed on the mind (for negative thoughts), on the heart (for negative emotions), or anywhere else on the body that emotional upset is being felt.
12. White Angelica – 3 drops on each shoulder. White Angelica seals our aura, and helps us to hold our power, without being affected by other people’s energy or negativity.
13. Grounding – 3 drops under each foot. Grounding brings us back into our body after our amazing journey.
Some of these essential oils are photosensitive, so make sure the areas where these oils are applied are protected from sunlight and UV light for 24 hours. And if you are pregnant or prone to epilepsy, check with your health care practitioner before undertaking this technique.
If you aren’t familiar with these essential oils, contact me for more information or for assistance with ordering.

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