Frankincense & Tantra

In past bulletins, we have explored how Frankincense oil is a Universal oil - perfect for just about any situation. I have also shared how amazing it is at opening us up to meditation and connection. However, it’s not only the higher chakras that Frankincense oil helps to stimulate.

The essential oils of Frankincense and Myrrh were used in ancient cultures to awaken ecstatic sexual energies.

And it’s no surprise that it worked! In his book A Scented Ape, Australian Scientist Michael Stoddart shares research into Frankincense and Myrrh, and how these powerful plant resins contain substances akin to male and female sex hormones. This explains why they are so effective for awakening sexuality!!!

Begin your tantric practice or lovemaking with a drop of Frankincense on your sacral chakra (a hand’s width below the navel), and surrender to the deep beauty and mystery of this very sacred energy.

What is Tantra?

Tantra is often misunderstood in the West. A Sanskrit word, it simply means “to stretch, expand, and weave into liberation”.

Drawing from both Hindu and Buddhist traditions, this ancient pathway to spiritual enlightenment teaches about health practices, relationships, solitude and the meeting of Oneself, as well as the powerful sexual energy that lives within.

When harnessed, this internal sexual energy works like a purifying fire to cleanse us of unwanted thoughts, habits and patterns, and to awaken the powerful kundalini energy within. 

Tantra is a powerful form of meditation, and the meeting place of self-love, spiritual presence, energy work and sexuality. And Frankincense oil is one of Tantra’s best friends.

An Exercise in Tantra:

Try this simple exercise, in a relaxed and unhurried way. Remember - this is your time.

Ensure you are in a warm room, and sit fully-clothed in a comfortable position in front of a good-sized mirror. Place a drop or two of Frankincense essential oil into your palm, and rub your palms together. Then cup your palms under your nose, and breathe in deeply for a minute or two. Set an intention for emotional and spiritual healing – may this experience bring you into full awareness of your Divine Presence.

Now, brush your hands through your aura. Let your palms tenderly stroke your energy field, about 5 to 10cm (2 to 3 inches) from your physical body. You can stroke from crown to feet, or from feet to crown, whichever feels right for you.

Take a deep breath in, and smile at yourself in the mirror. Ignite your smile by thinking of something that is special, funny, uplifting or joyful. Make eye contact with yourself as you smile. Take your time, and really enjoy this moment. Let the warmth shine from your eyes as you smile.

Choose one part of your body.

This could be your forehead, your ear, your neck, your breast, your womb, your foot, or your sacred yoni (for a woman) or lingam (for a man). There is no right or wrong place to choose. This is an exercise in connection, and you’ll feel where you need to connect. 

Take your palms, which will still have the energy of Frankincense oil on them, and gently place them onto your skin in the region of your body that you’ve chosen.

This next step you can do with eyes open or closed.

Imagine your hands are glowing with light and warmth and love, and allow this energy to pour from your hands into your body. You can stroke the part of your body that you are in contact with, with the tenderness you’d use when stroking a little child who is lost.


If you have a bottle of Young Living’s Gratitude or Joy oil blend on hand, you can put a drop of one of these blends onto your heart chakra in the lower centre of your chest. Remember that Joy oil is photosensitive, so keep that area of your chest covered from direct sunlight for 24 hours after application. Otherwise, simply put a drop of Frankincense oil there. 

And now, tell this part of your body what you most love and appreciate about it. Speak sincerely from your heart, and at the same time you are speaking, also be fully present with listening and taking in these words of blessing and love.

Tantra - an act of self-love

I hope you absolutely love this exercise. It’s one you can practice regularly, choosing different parts of your body each time. If you feel in a cheeky mood as you are doing this, and are drawn to a part of your body that is covered by clothing, you can even do a wonderful and sensual strip-tease for yourself as you move your clothing out of the way or take it off entirely.

Remember – the more we love ourselves, the more beautiful we seem to the world. Our beauty is not held in a perfectly shaped body, or a wrinkle-free skin. Our beauty is a fountain that exists deep within us, and Frankincense oil and Tantric exercises can help us to bring that fountain to the light, so that it pours out of us.

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