Frankincense & the Journey Beyond the Body

In our last dive into Oil Love, we looked at how Frankincense oil works like an elixir to open us up to the ecstatic sexual life-force energy that exists within, and how it can be incorporated into our tantric and self-love practices. Then in last week’s blog, A Cry in the Dark I shared a powerful and emotional story of love and letting go.

Today, I want to continue with a topic that takes us far beyond the body and address how essential oils can be used in both Palliative care and “crossing over”.

What I share may or may not fit your belief system, so please just “take what you want, and leave the rest”.

Why is the use of Essential Oils in Palliative care important?

Certainly, the ancients knew about it. That’s why in ancient Egypt, essential oils were used in the embalming process. It wasn’t only to preserve the body for its journey into the afterlife.

The essential oils also act like a torch, to draw the Soul out of the body and towards the tunnel of white light – the gateway between this world and the great beyond - so that the Soul’s journey to the “other side” may happen with ease and awareness.

Yes, essential oils don’t just act intelligently on our physical body. They are also our Lighthouse into the spiritual realms, opening us up to our innate knowing and the truest aspect of our Being. 

The vision of white light that so many people describe seeing when they have a near-death experience is actually one of a series of vibrant white portals that our Soul moves through, as it transitions to other dimensions after we’ve passed from our physical body. This series of portals or gateways looks very much like a tunnel of light.

Our Soul knows where it needs to go once it leaves the body. We have spiritual Beings such as Angels and Guides around us to guide us towards this white light. And even once we’re through to the other side, we can still reach back through the “veil” every now and then to connect with people we love.

But very occasionally a Soul gets lost and doesn’t actually move through the tunnel to the Light and beyond, and instead becomes trapped here on the physical plane.

And in that state of displacement and disembodiment, that Soul looks for a person or a family to hang out with, or even a familiar place like their previous home…and that’s what brings about our “ghostly” experiences, and dwellings where the deceased residents can still sometimes be seen or felt, or even get up to mischief.

So wouldn’t you love to know if there was an essential oil that could achieve what the Ancient Egyptians already knew about, and guide us effortlessly through that tunnel of light?

And what if that essential oil was also amazing for any out-of-body work, including dreaming, distant healing, and astral traveling? Well, you’re about to find out….

What’s the best oil to use for Palliative Care?

One of the most powerful oils to use in palliative care is Frankincense oil. Why? It’s because of its capacity to open our Crown Chakra, and unite us with the Divine that exists within and all around us.

That’s also why Frankincense oil is such a powerful oil to use in meditation, astral traveling, distant healing and any other spiritual practice. 

Cautions when using essential oils in Palliative Care

At this point, I want to give a word of caution. When people are drawing near to their time of passing, their body begins to shut down and toxins accumulate in their tissues. This creates an acidity in the body. And when people are more acidic, they often find the aroma of essential oils overpowering and even uncomfortable to be around.

So always ask permission before you use essential oils on someone who is in palliative care. It’s important that they are empowered to choose their own pathway at this most precious of times.

If they find the aroma overpowering but they love the idea of having essential oils used on them, you can always dilute the essential oil with a small amount of carrier oil, such as an organic coconut or olive oil, or some sesame or jojoba oil, or even Young Living’s V6 vegetable oil.

5 drops of essential oil to a teaspoon of carrier oil would be a good ratio, equivalent to a 1:20 dilution. I’d use that same dilution on a kitten or a newborn child, just so you understand how gentle that level of dilution is.

Where should you place the essential oil?

This is a natural question to ask, and the answer is easy…

Essential Oils have an innate intelligence, and an ability to find their way to the exact points where they are needed in our body….so you can’t go wrong in where you place them on the body, so long as you avoid areas where the skin is sensitive or broken. Trust your inner guidance to show you where this oil needs to go.  

Consider massaging a drop or two of neat or diluted Frankincense oil around the base of the skull near the occiput, or alternatively into the neck of the big toe on both feet, and underneath the big toes. These points facilitate the letting go process and help bring a sense of peace and acceptance for the journey ahead.

When that moment draws near and your loved one is about to fly away from their physical body, or even when they have just passed over, place a drop of Frankincense oil onto their Crown Chakra. You will find this chakra on the very top of the head.

Massage the essential oil into the crown with a three times clockwise rotation. This opens the Crown Chakra so that it becomes like a beautiful channel to the other side, drawing them out of their body and towards and through the tunnel of white light, and allowing their transition to happen with ease.

Just to reassure you - applying Frankincense oil to the crown will not cause someone to pass over who is not ready. That moment of passing is entirely of the Soul’s choosing.

However, Frankincense oil works like a spiritual lubricant, to ease the Soul out of the body when it is ready, and to help it find its way with ease to the Light that exists beyond the body, and to their next adventure in the great “beyond”.

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