Harmonies of the Spirit

The more that we surrender and sink into our deeper spiritual nature, the more that we become aware of the “harmonies” around us.
To start with, we have the obvious auditory harmonies. If we only choose to pause for a moment and listen, we’ll be exposed to the most magical symphony of bird songs, the pitter patter of rain as it lands like tear drops into puddles on the earth, the sound of the leaves singing to us as they dance in the wind, the creaking of the branches as they stretch their joints towards the sky, and the crickets and frogs serenading the twilight.

Yet there’s another set of harmonies that is occurring for us - the Harmonies of the Spirit.

In music, a harmony is defined as the sound of two or more notes heard simultaneously. It’s no different in our spiritual journey. As we walk our path, we start to become aware of two conversations or “notes” around us.
The first is our walk on the physical plane. We go about our daily habits and chores, we take care of our human and animal families, we provide food and shelter for ourselves and our loved ones, we engage in wholesome work, we laugh with friends, and we give back in many and various ways, ensuring that we leave in our footsteps a trail of positive notes that make our world a better place.

For me, this is simply about being present with life, and looking for the opportunities to help and serve as they arise. Those opportunities are all around us, if we only open our eyes.
Yet as we take these steps, as we walk a path of love and kindness, we start to become aware of a world outside of the daily and often mundane tasks of our own Universe. And in doing that, we start to hear a very different harmony. It often starts as a faint whisper, and for some it grows into a lion’s roar.

This is the voice of our Spirit. 

It’s the quiet (or sometimes not so quiet) intuitive messages we receive, guiding us through our nights and days on this Planet.
Consider that the walk we do on the physical plane is the lower harmony, and our intuition is the higher harmony. The more that we provide space for our intuition or inner guidance to come into our life, the easier it is to hear it.
That doesn’t mean we all hear it in the same way. We all have spiritual gifts, and for some these gifts are more developed than for others. So you may hear these messages as words, or see them as images, or feel them as an emotion in your heart, or sense them as an inner knowing.
These different methods of obtaining messages are like the different instruments in the orchestra. There’s not just one instrument that plays the high notes. Quite a few instruments are capable of reaching these notes. In this same way, there’s not just one way that we receive our intuitive messages.

I can’t imagine life without this symphony. I can be lazing in bed (the lower harmony), and a little voice pops into my head and tells me it’s time to get up (the upper harmony)….and sure enough, someone arrives at my door shortly afterwards.
I can be chatting to someone I bump into, and I get a nudge that this person needs more time with me….so I let go of any sense of time constraints and allow the conversation to go deeper, and sure enough, this person opens up with something they very much needed to tell someone with a friendly ear.
Or I can be talking to someone I work with, and suddenly I sense that they will be moving on soon to other adventures…and this gives me the forewarning to know that change is on the horizon. This has happened twice for me in the past 6 months, and I’ve really appreciated these messages, as change is something I’m still learning to be comfortable with.

To know in advance has allowed me to navigate the waters of change with much more peace and positivity.

This beautiful Harmony of the Spirit can even nudge us to go somewhere or look at something right now. That’s how I found my beautiful cats. I’d been searching for this breed for a few months, and each time I rang about some kittens, they were already taken. This particular night, at the end of a long work day, I suddenly got a strong nudge to look for kittens instead of tumbling into bed. I did, and found the trio of black cats who are my current feline clan. One of them I am sure is the incarnation of my last beloved cat!

There are so many ways that Spirit talks to us…and the more we listen, and the more we act on these messages, the more they come through for us. It’s just like exercising any muscle of the body.
So remember this beautiful symphony you are walking through. Don’t just think you need to be meditating and in a state of stillness to receive spiritual messages.

This symphony is happening all around you, all of the time.

No matter what task you are engaged in, those voices and feelings of Spirit can sing to heights above the deeper chorus, and let you know that there’s something to pay attention to, or to act on. And when you do, life will be flowing exactly as it’s meant to, and you will feel incredibly supported and “on track”.