How to balance your Chakras - Part 2

Last week, we spoke about what the Chakras are, and how to balance them using meditation and creative visualisation.
This week, we’re going to explore another excellent way of balancing our chakras, and that’s using essential oils...

2. Balancing the Chakras with Essential Oils

But wait – did I just say “balancing chakras with essential oils?” How can essential oils do that? Aren’t they just this pretty smell that comes from parts of plants, that are used to make homes smell nice?
Well – sure – that’s a very basic way of looking at essential oils. But oils are far from basic.
Essential Oils are incredibly sophisticated natural compounds, containing hundreds if not thousands of natural plant chemicals in perfect balance. Not only do they have a profound impact on our physical body – they also have an almost instantaneous impact on our spiritual and emotional state.
To understand this, we need to understand how essential oils work on our brain. As soon as we take the lid off a bottle of essential oil, those minute aromatic molecules drift through the air and reach our nose. So as soon as you’re aware of the aroma of an oil, it’s already in your nose.
Once there, these essential oil molecules dissolve in our olfactory epithelium (a tiny membrane at the top of our nose), and they stimulate little hairs that are located in this membrane. Those hairs are brain cells! As soon as a hair is touched, it triggers a message which travels along the brain cell.

And this is where it gets really fascinating. That stimuli or message completely bypasses the conscious brain, and it goes directly to the limbic region of the brain.

This is the centre of our memory and emotions, and also our spiritual awareness.

So not only do essential oils have a powerful ability to stimulate memories and their associated emotions (so that we may look at these and heal our deepest wounds), they also stimulate that very part of the brain that is responsible for our spiritual gifts.
So it’s not surprising that people report heightened spiritual experiences when they are using good quality essential oils, like the ones I use from Young Living Essential Oils. 
This includes experiences such as powerful dreams, seeing auras, experiencing heightened intuition and spiritual clarity….and a sense of increased spiritual awakening.
Essential oils wake us up, and move us along our spiritual path.
Essential oils can also be used for balancing our chakras. When I was creating my “Discover your Spirit Guides” CD, I was brand new to my Young Living journey.

I’d been researching and feeling into which essential oils worked on which chakras…. it went something like this:

• Base Chakra (anchors us to the Earth) – use oils that ground us such as the large tree oils, and/or more fiery/hot oils & blends, eg. Abundance, Grounding and Evergreen Essence

• Sacral Chakra (relationships and connection) – use oils like Orange, Sensation, Inner Child

• Solar Plexus Chakra (the centre of our Will and self-confidence) – use empowering and focussing oils like Gathering and Believe

• Heart Chakra (our connection to love) – use oils that awaken our heart, such as Rose, Joy, Aroma Life

• Throat Chakra (open, honest communication) – use oils that inspire freedom of “being”, such as Sacred Mountain and Valor

• Third Eye Chakra (intuition and insight) – use oils that heighten our intuitive senses, such as Inspiration and Dream Catcher

• Crown Chakra (our connection to the Universe) – use oils that open our consciousness, such as Awaken and Frankincense and Highest Potential.

But then I discovered that there was one essential oil blend in the Young Living range which contained at least one of every single oil I was drawn to for the individual chakras….and that’s Harmony oil.

It’s not at all surprising that Harmony oil is designed for balancing the chakras.

Simply apply a drop to each chakra, rubbing that drop 3 times clockwise, and it will do the heavy lifting for you.
Caution: If you have ever experienced an epileptic seizure, Harmony oil is contraindicated (due to the high amount of Hyssop oil that it contains), so in this instance use Joy oil instead.
And if you want to make a bit of a ritual out of your essential oil chakra balancing, just put a few drops of Valor under each foot first, rubbing it 3 times clockwise, then hold your left hand to left foot, and right hand to right foot. We call that a Valor Balance. Hold for 2 to 5 minutes until you feel your energy come into balance, then use the Harmony oil on your chakras, then just lie down and relaaaaaxxxx.
You’ll be amazed at how great you feel. You can even finish it off with a drop of 3 Wise Men on your crown instead of the Harmony oil here. 3 Wise Men is a wonderful oil blend for opening us up to emotional “healing”, and by that I mean it allows us to let go and allow others (including our spiritual guides) to help us. That’s such an important step in receiving healing for anything that’s going on for us.

Are you new to this journey with essential oils? Would you like to know more?

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