Is your Energy being zapped by EMF?

Discovering ourselves and our Universe is like peeling layers off an onion.
I was having a chat to my sister last night. She’s coming to visit me this weekend, and she said “At least we eat the same food now!”. She used to work as a Police Officer many moons ago, and at that time her diet consisted of fast foods like MacDonalds and Softdrinks.
But over the years, those layers of the onion have peeled for her, and she’s now an incredibly conscious eater. Like me, she realises that food is sustenance for us – not just physically, but also vibrationally.
If we want to live life at a high vibration, we want to make sure that we nurture our body with elements that lift our vibration. That includes nurturing our body with plants that are grown with care, food that is made with love, acts of self-care like meditation, nature walks, breathing, connection with loved ones, and laughter….and of course using therapeutic-grade essential oils around our homes, so that we can kick chemicals to the kerb, and replace them with nature’s magic.
Yet our awareness of vibration doesn’t stop there. What about WiFi? It’s such a modern convenience, yet it’s something we can choose to regularly abstain or detox from. I’ve had hard-wired internet connections installed in various convenient locations in my home, so that 99% of the time I’m on wired internet and my WiFi is turned off. It’s only on those rare occasions that I need WiFi that it comes on.
And you know what? If I accidentally leave the WiFi turned on in my home, I notice I just don’t sleep as well at night.

The effects of EMF and various forms of radiation including electromagnetic radiation are only just starting to be understood.

Electromagnetic waves are a form of radiation that encompass everything from radio waves (like the type emitted from wifi routers) to low energy microwave radiation, and all the way up to gamma rays and high energy cosmic rays.

We’re all surrounded by radiation – from natural cosmic sources, from the earth, and even from inside our body. We’re used to that type of radiation. But what we’re increasingly being exposed to is man-made sources of radiation, such as radio communication, satellites, computer networks, broadcasts and radar. Electromagnetic radiation (especially the kind emitted by routers) affects all living systems, disrupting our cells, tissues and organs.

Check out these amazing images from a 2020 study done at the Islamic University of Gaza, which studied the impact of radiation from routers on the growth of Pepper (Capsicum annuum) plants.

The seedlings pictured above were all grown for 200 days under identical conditions.

The only difference was that plants in the top 3 images (A, B and C) were watered each day with tap water that had sat in a glass flask for one hour. Plants in the bottom 3 images (D, E and F) were watered each day with tap water that had sat in an identical glass flask, except that the flask had been placed next to a WiFi router for one hour.

We can look at pictures like this, and see the retarded growth in the plants that were watered with the WiFi-exposed water. What we may not realise, and what the study clearly showed, was that it wasn’t just external appearance that was affected.

The plants watered with the WiFi-exposed water had significantly thinner stems, smaller shoots, fewer leaves, smaller roots, lower weights, inferior plant health ratings….and they took longer to flower, and had fewer fruit on them, and produced fewer seeds.

These are scary statistics, and they lead us to realise that the EMF that we are surrounded by on a daily basis (from satellites and WiFi towers) is placing a significant strain on all living things that are exposed to it…because we’d be living in a bubble if we didn’t recognise that this very same thing that happens to plants is also happening to our own body.

In another study published in 2009 scientists showed the dramatic changes in plants watered with microwaved water, compared to tap water and a control. The plants in the control were watered with unheated water. The plants in the “tap water” group were watered with water which had been heated on a stove and then cooled. The “microwaves” plants were watered with water which had been heated in a microwave for one minute and then cooled. Wow – what a difference!

As with the previous study, the plants in the “microwave” group had decreased root and shoot length, lower stem diameters and leaf areas, lower weight, lower chlorophyll content, and delayed flowering.

So we can clearly see that microwaved water affects the growth and health of plants.

A study published in 2015 from the Federal University of Technology in Nigeria showed that animals which are fed microwaved food are just as badly affected as plants. They fed two groups of young rats an identical diet, which included boiled rice, stew, beans, yams and boiled fish. The only difference was that one group had their food microwaved for 4 minutes and then cooled.

After 3 months, the rats which had been fed microwaved food showed an impairment in all of their blood markers.

  • Their red blood cells decreased by 12% (that’s what carries oxygen around our body, so a lowering of red blood cell count will also mean fatigue)
  • Their white blood cells decreased by 30% (that’s what we use to fight infections!)
  • Their packed cell volume decreased by 25%, and
  • Haemoglobin concentration decreased by 19% (that’s what carries iron around our body – low iron affects so many body functions, and is another cause of fatigue)
  • Lymphocytes, monocytes and eosinophils (part of our body’s natural defense mechanism) also significantly decreased
  • Neutrophils significantly increased. Now, this is strange because neutrophils are one of our first immune cells to respond to invaders such a bacteria and viruses. How strange that they would be elevated! That usually only happens when you are fighting an infection.
There are many, many more scientific studies that back up the results of these ones.
If you’re interested in the topic of EMF and want to learn more, I’d highly recommend you read the full article which gave me the inspiration and links for this week’s blog, and subscribe to the cell phone taskforce’s newsletter. It’s always packed with great information.

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