Love, Photons and the meaning of Life

I’ve long been aware of the power of Love. I’m sure you have, too. It carries its own tangible vibration, which can both bless us and heal us.
When I rescue and rehabilitate sick and injured native wildlife, I’ll often put stories up on my personal facebook page. When an animal is in particular need or distress, people from all over the world respond to my call for help, and send love to that animal.
I know without a doubt that this love and intention is felt. It allows that sacred Being to be cocooned in a shield of positive vibration, to support its healing, or (at times) its passing.

Sharing love and compassion is what we are here on this Planet to do.

It’s the core of our Purpose, and our reason for existence. It’s the foundation of our connection with everything around us – plant, animal, mineral, and the unseen and divine realms.

What an amazing organ our heart is! It has an intelligence that goes far beyond its ability to simply pump blood through our body. It is a magnetic and radiating vortex, and the true Source of our inner power.
Studies have shown that our body naturally emits a low level of photons (light). When these photons are infused with a loving and healing intention (ie. from our emotional heart), their frequency and vibration increases so dramatically, they can literally transform matter, heal disease, and dissolve pain and trauma. This concept lies at the foundation of all forms of spiritual and energy healing.

I recently was sent some information about a research experiment conducted in 1997 by German researchers at the University of Kassel, and published in The Journal of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine.
This research showed that the average human emits 20 photons of light per second from their heart/chest area.

But in this experiment, something occurred that caused an amazing 100,000 photons of light per second to be emitted, for half an hour straight. That’s 5,000 times more than the average person!

Are you curious about what it might be? Let’s take a closer look at the experiment….

The researchers started with a German-designed piece of hardware and software. It was created by ALV of Langen, an internationally renowned specialist for laser applications and measuring small particles. One of their projects has been with NASA. This was the equipment that was measuring the photonic output of the human body.

Next, they created a “dark chamber” the size of a closet, lined with light-absorbing black cloth. This allowed the ambient light to be as low as 20 photons per second. In other words, it was very dark inside this chamber.
The chamber was cooled to minus 20 degrees Celsius [Fahrenheit], in order to keep extremely low the “dark count rate” (ie. the number of pulses per second of light emitted in a dark space).
Puran Bair, co-founder of The Institute for Applied Meditation was the subject of the experiment. Puran disrobed, and entered the dark chamber. Why did he disrobe for this experiment? It was to eliminate any fluorescence and static electricity from clothing, which would have created sparks of light.

He sat upright in a chair, with his chest 3 feet (approx. 1 metre) from the housing, and wrapped black blankets around himself for warmth. These were shown to have no effect on the ambient light in the chamber. Then he sat there for an hour, in order to allow fluorescence to dissipate from his body.

This is because our body gives off a glow of light that it’s absorbed from ambient outdoor light. Wow!

After an hour had passed, Puran began his spiritual practices. These practices included kundalini practices, invocations of divine light, and dhikr.
Kundalini Practices
Using a strong in-breath, energy is drawn up the spine from the Earth, then held. Attention is moved to above the crown, then with a forceful out-breath, the energy is shot down the spine and out through the heart chakra in the lower centre of the chest. The breathing in this sequence is very energetic, and it leads to feelings of ecstasy and radiance.
Invocations of Divine Light
These Sufi Meditations use both silent and out-loud chanting to create vibrations to stimulate the third eye and heart chakras. The Arabic words Nur and Mu-Now-Wirr are spoken slowly, with emphasis on the vowels. The resonance of the sound is placed in the throat and chest. These invocations give the user the feeling of having a miniature sun inside their chest.
Whilst focussing on the heart, the Arabic phrase La Illaha Illa ‘Illah Hu’ is repeated over and over. This mantra allows one to enter into God consciousness, evoking feelings of profound heart-centredness.
The Results
I’m sure you are reading this, and like me you’d be wondering what amazing results were produced by these powerful meditation practices.
Yet the answer was a disappointing, “not very much”. There were some brief and erratic measurements of 35,000 to 47,000 photons/second during the periods of meditation, then periods of 10 to 20 minutes with no readings, then a few seconds of light again. The meditations went on for 10 hours like this!
But then something amazing did indeed happen. Puran left the dark chamber, and before retiring for the night, he discovered that the 4 year old son of the scientist conducting the experiment had come down with a severe cold. Puran woke the next morning with a strong realisation. The boy needed Light for his healing.

By 8am, Puran was back in the Dark Chamber. This time, instead of his other meditations, he did a very simple technique of Heart Rhythm Meditation. You’ll find information on this meditation technique in Puran Bair’s book “Living from the Heart”.

For this meditation, Puran visualised the sick boy standing in front of him, and sent Light from his heart to the boy on each exhalation.

Where the previous day had required intense concentration of a mental nature, this new meditation was driven by emotions. It was much easier in comparison to the previous day. And do you know what?

The computer measured 100,000 photons/second for half an hour straight, until the meditation was stopped, compared to the few seconds of 35,000 to 47,000 photons/second emissions from the previous day. It’s estimated that we will “see” a visible sensation at 1,000 photons/second…so 100,000 photons/second was producing actual light, albeit soft/dim light.

In contrast, Puran uncovered his wrist watch in the dark chamber, and it was emitting 1 million photons/second, and lit the dark chamber up so well that it was bright enough to read by. So his body had produced 1/10th of this amount of light. Wow!

The researchers concluded that, “Without healing intention, in spite of his best efforts using a variety of meditations he had mastered, the meditator was not able to generate consistent light emissions.”
But once he added healing intention into the mix, the amount of light emitted from Puran’s chest “was two orders of magnitude greater than what is required for visibility, and one order of magnitude less than what is required for reading with dark-adjusted eyes.”
Never underestimate the healing power of Love. When we are anchored in our heart, sharing love and compassion with those around us, we are truly a mirror of God and the Divine, and powerful beyond measure.

Here’s the link to the experiment mentioned above, if you want to check it out yourself: