Loving Detachment

We often bandy around the word “Loving Detachment”, but what does it really mean?  

There’s the obvious meaning to the term – to be in a state of loving, without having an agenda or attachment to the outcome. But how is this actually achieved?

There’s an issue here. Most people are simply “trying” to be loving. They spend their lives “trying” to be good people, to be helpful to others, to be humble and kind. 
Nothing wrong with this – like meditation, loving is a choice that those on the path to the Light need to consciously practice every day. And it’s a great practice. 

When we are embodying love, that love is like the blood that runs through our veins. It’s inseparable to us. Without it we’d be dead. 
When we are “trying” to be loving, we have an agenda. We wear love like a trench coat that can be put on in one moment, and taken off in the next. We wear it for some people, and not for others. 

The mere act of trying keeps love separate from us.
When we are practicing loving by putting on this trench coat, we can only ever practice being detached. So we’ll often be reminded of our shortcomings when the object of our love does something we’re not so happy about, and we find ourselves reacting to them.

It is only when we learn to fully embody the Light within us, the truth of love, that by nature we are detached. 
So “Loving Detachment” in its true form is synonymous with real love. It’s unselfish love. It’s the essence of loving another Soul without reservation - of completely honouring that Soul’s power to choose its path through life and death. 



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  • Every cell of my body, every breath of my Being, radiates with Love

  • Love encompasses everything. All else is nothing but an illusion. 

  • I am Whole and at Peace 

  • I respect the journey and choices of all other Beings 

  • Unselfish love is my path home

  • I am honest with myself, and recognize that loving with attachment is not love at all. Instead, I choose the path of unselfish love.

  • Love works through me in mysterious ways. I simply need to trust.

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