My Story: From Scientist to Psychic

Everyone's first psychic experience is different. Whether it be visions in dreams, extraordinary gut feelings or even simply subconscious knowledge. The depth of that first experience is only one small drop in the ocean of what our psychic ability really is.

I was always a deeply feeling child and that depth catered to animals more than any humans I knew. I found solace in animals - they were always there for me in dark times and filled a deeper part of my being, allowing me to be softer and kinder.

If an animal was in need, I was there for it.

I still remember how panicked I was when a stray cat I’d befriended over many months started crying in pain. I was 9 at the time. I used to eat my lunch under a tall pine tree at the back of the school yard, and she would regularly come over for a pet and a cuddle.

This particular day, I honestly thought she was dying, and ran for help from a teacher (as this happened during a lunch break at school). By the time we came back to find her, she had a litter of kittens surrounding her!

With this deep connection to animals so ingrained within me, I decided to study Zoology. The option to become a Vet always a possibility for me, but I didn’t believe I had the fortitude to euthanise an animal, so Zoology was the natural choice. I was blessed to have an academic mind, so this path felt right for me.

So let’s now move the timeline forwards a bit. I was now 18, studying Zoology at University, and absolutely loving all my subjects in animal behaviour. That called me much more than physiology.

One day I was driving home from University, taking my usual route. I had driven this road many times before and was going a little too fast as I approached a blind hill.

Suddenly, I was overwhelmed with a voice telling me to STOP!!!

The message was so loud, I was unable to ignore it. Every cell in my body responded.

To this day I’m not sure how the message came to me – was it an inner voice, an inner knowing? All I can say is that it was completely compelling.

I brought the car to a quick stop, and there ahead of me in the middle of the road was a small dog. I instantly knew if I had not stopped, the little dog would not be with us anymore. This hit me hard as my empathy for animals was so intense. This was to become my first psychic experience.

As a hard core academic, this experience was jaw dropping for me. It shifted my whole paradigm of reality. Something had just happened to me that I couldn't explain through any science that I knew.

Yet I am a Scientist in the true sense of the word. Science is about exploration. It’s about discovery. It’s about making sense of the mysterious. 

So whilst I continued to attend University and went on to become a University Medalist, my Soul had awakened and I began a parallel journey into the world of mystery and spirituality.

I became highly sensitive as I watched for any unexplained phenomena around me. I was curious about these senses and wanted to know how to develop them further.

This new world presented itself again in another experience. My best friend had just moved into a new rental. I stayed the night at her home, and the next morning I could not get the taps to work in her shower. The hot-cold balance was so sensitive. As I struggled, my friend entered the bathroom and adjusted the taps for me.

Confused, I asked her how she knew I was struggling? She looked at me and told me she’d heard me call out, but I knew I hadn’t.

That was an interesting moment between us. She finally admitted to me that she was telepathic and often heard other people’s thoughts. She didn’t tell anyone, because she thought it would scare them away from wanting to talk to her, since we usually like to keep our private thoughts private.

Where it may have put some people off being her friend, to me it was all the more reason to be her friend. This experience presented a new facet of the unknown, this one being telepathy. I began paying attention to the times I thought of someone then they suddenly rang or crossed my path. Or the times that I knew who was at the other end of the phone before I actually picked it up.

There is more mystery in this world than we will ever know.

From those 2 initial experiences, my passion for the unseen world has never faltered, and I continue to delve and explore and awaken, and to teach others how to become more attuned to their own natural gifts that lie beyond our 5 senses.

And of course it led me to a very abrupt 180 degree shift in my career, from “Scientist” to “Psychic & Healer”. It was definitely not what I’d imagined for myself when I was at University, yet it has given me a level of joy and self expression that I love…and of course animals are still a major part of my life, through my volunteer wildlife rescue and care.