Oil Love 4 – Frankincense & the Fountain of Youth


Natural beauty is a truly radiant beauty

It supersedes any form of physical beautify, because it starts from within, and emanates from us like a ray of sunshine.

And there are so many things that create natural beauty.

It’s not related to our weight. I’m sure you’ve experienced the beauty of someone with a voluptuous body shape who is so at ease in their own skin, that they love themselves and love their body…and we can feel that!

It’s not related to our physical beauty or age. We see images of faces wrinkled in the sunshine, with the biggest smiles we’ve ever seen. These smiles are so contagious, we can’t help but smile back.


And it’s not related to our wealth or our position in life. Often the people who have the least, such as people in third world countries, are still the ones who appreciate all the little things in life, and love without reservation.

So natural beauty happens when we are at peace within ourselves. Our at-ease-ness and inner brightness as we look upon other people and animals and life just pours from our Spirit and fills a room. 

And that natural beauty is amplified by a state of radiant inner health, when our body is fit and in physical balance. It’s also amplified by a state of youthfulness of Spirit, where we can share a child’s awe at the world and beauty around us.

And it’s complimented by a beautiful glow to our skin….so that our skin tells those around us that we love and care for our body. 

Queen Cleopatra is a powerful icon of physical beauty…..and one of her “secrets” was the use of essential oils on her skin.

How can an essential oil benefit the skin, though? Essential oils are not oily like a vegetable oil, so that’s not how they nourish our skin. So the power of an essential oil on our skin happens through their restorative action on the skin cells.

An essential oil like Frankincense is renowned for rejuvenating the skin

It's especially great for dry, mature and sensitive skin. It literally turns back the clock, smoothing lines and wrinkles, promoting younger-looking skin, and preventing new wrinkles from forming. And if your complexion tends towards oiliness, it will help to balance this out for you.

It’s not surprising it was used by the Ancient Egyptians in their rejuvenation face masks!

And even though it’s not an “oily” oil like a vegetable oil, it nevertheless works as a super-nourishing dry skin treatment, especially for mature and aging skin. It’s therefore not surprising that the Ancient Egyptians used it in their rejuvenation face masks.

But no Frankincense ever went to waste.

The Frankincense tree is scraped, and sap pours out to seal the wound. This sap hardens, and that’s called Frankincense resin. It’s collected, and steam distilled in order to extract the essential oil.

Yet throughout centuries, the smoke from the burning resin has also been used in Church services and to “smudge” the energy of rooms.

And in Ancient Egypt, the charred remnants after the resin has been burned was then ground down in a black paste and used to create the magnificent Egyptian eyes. It was called “Kohl” and is the precursor to the eye lines of today.

Yet Frankincense is not only for physical use

This holy anointing oil has been used throughout the ages to elevate spiritual consciousness and to enhance meditation. It was used to anoint the new-born sons of Kings and Priests, and it was one of the gifts that the 3 wise men brought to the Christ child.

Why? Well, Frankincense is wonderful at stimulating the brain, and this is how it elevates our consciousness. Yet it also enhances our mental alertness and acuity in the process, moving us into a state of personal genius and powerful connection.

So when in doubt, reach for your bottle of Frankincense oil. 

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