Words of Inspiration from Pema Chodron

Buddhism is a beautiful path, with ancient roots. However, not everyone finds Buddhism to be accessible to them.

Well, they say that the teacher appears when the student is ready, and one day I was browsing a bookstore, and there was The Pocket, by Pema Chödrön. I can distinctly remember the first time I read that famous book; it was one of the most beautiful and unique reads I had ever come across. I instantly admired Chödrön’s forthrightness. Her eloquent and timely words were a turning point that guided me to daily journal writing and believing in the worthiness of my own heart. 
These are some of my favourite quotes... 

Are you ready to discover which statement has chosen you this month? Intuitively pick a number between 1 and 9, and see which inspirational saying and oil blend is choosing you today:

1. Just where you are – that’s the place to start.
Oil Blend: Present Time

2. The journey to enlightenment involves shedding not collecting.
It’s a continual process of opening and surrender, like taking off layer after layer of clothes, until we’re completely naked, with nothing to hide.
Oil Blend: Surrender

3. Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth.
Oil Blend: Valor

4. Don’t let people pull you into their storm. Pull them into your peace.
Oil Blend: Peace & Calming

5. You are the sky. Everything else - it's just the weather.
Oil Blend: Harmony

6. Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.
Oil Blend: Release

7. The future is completely open, and we are writing it moment to moment.
Oil Blend: Envision

8. We think that the point is to pass the test or to overcome the problem,
but the truth is that things don’t really get solved.
They come together and they fall apart.
Oil Blend: Believe

9. Our true nature is like a precious jewel: although it may be temporarily buried in mud,
it remains completely brilliant and unaffected.
We simply have to uncover it.
Oil Blend: Acceptance