Sacred Animal Communication

Back in the year 2000, something wonderful happened to me. I was invited to go to Dallas on an all-expenses paid trip, to study a new modality called Raindrop Technique with its founder, D. Gary Young (who is also the founder of Young Living Essential Oils).
I was one of 1,100 people from all over the world who had flown in for that training, and it was an important turning point in my life, and in my journey with essential oils.
At the time I was working as a Bowen Therapist, Psychic and Healer. But I have to say, I was blown away by the results I was having with Raindrop Technique. It took my clients far beyond any of my other modalities, and worked not only on a physical level, but also on an emotional and a frequency level.
Then one day, I was asked if I’d perform Raindrop Technique on a dog in need. I knew it was being used on dogs in America, but at the time I was the first person in Australia to branch out into using this oil-infused modality on dogs.
My first subject was a gorgeous large Rottweiler called “Bear”.
I still remember how Bear was super tired after her first Raindrop Technique. That’s no wonder. As a modality it is deeply calming and rejuvenating, but the massage components can also release toxins from the tissues, and this can produce some tiredness in the first few sessions.
Six days later, Bear went for a wonderful dash into the ocean, and left her fatigue behind with the waves.
She LOVED her Raindrop Technique, and I gave her a series of them over a number of months.

On one occasion, Dog’s Life Magazine came to interview me.

This is a national magazine for dog lovers, and I ended up in a 2 page feature spread about my work with Raindrop Technique on Bear.
As you can imagine, I started receiving calls from other dog owners, asking about Raindrop Technique for their canine kids.
One of these people lived in Canberra, and asked if there was any chance I could do a Raindrop Technique on their Rottweiler. Well, as it turned out I was heading to Canberra in a few weeks, so we arranged for me to give their Rottweiler a session.

There was just one problem here. As a child, I’d been attacked by a Mastiff (a dog trained to attack), and still had that memory and fear around large dogs.

So this is how the conversation went…“Ok, when you come here, we’ll bring you into the room with our dog, and we just want you to stand still and let him sniff you. He’s a guard dog, and not used to people he doesn’t know, so after you’ve done that for 15 minutes, then you can start the session on him.”
Oh, great! This put me right out of my comfort zone.

So the day arrived, and I walked into the room to meet their Rottweiler (whose name I no longer recall). I stood utterly still while he wandered around and completely ignored me!

But then, Spirit came to me with an instruction – put a drop of 3 Wise Men oil on his crown.

I’ve learned to trust these messages from Spirit, as they’ve always guided me like a straight arrow.

So I took out my bottle of 3 Wise Men, and put a drop on his crown (being careful to avoid any chance that he looked up and ended up with it in his eyes, of course!).

Until that time, although I liked this particular oil blend from Young Living, I can’t say I’d had any definitive experiences with it.

But that was about to change.

Five minutes after the oil went onto his crown…..I want you to picture this. Here I was, sitting on the ground with him, and he was gazing into my eyes with the BIGGEST grin on his face. His gaze just said “I LOVE you!”

That’s right. This is the dog who was completely ignoring me 5 minutes earlier.

After that lovely opportunity to connect with him, I began his Raindrop Technique. This is a beautiful technique which combines Ancient Egyptian energy work with Ancient Tibetan reflexology, a Native American-inspired feathering technique, and various massage techniques….and its secret ingredient is the 9 essential oils and blends used in combination with these techniques.

The oils are incredibly relaxing, so his male owner was snoring in the corner of the room by the time I was half way through the session.

But then, I got another strong message. This one didn’t come as an auditory instruction from Spirit the way the first one had come to me…this was an absolute knowing that I felt directly from this Rottweiler.

“I’m thirsty!” he said.

His female owner was still awake and watching me closely, so I asked her for some water for him.

“No, he doesn’t drink much”, she said, “I’m sure he’s not thirsty. And in any case, he’s likely to vomit it back up again with his condition.”

But the knowing became even more insistent, so I put more assertion into the request for water, and the owner reluctantly agreed to get him some water.

She returned with a Streets’ Blue Ribbon Ice Cream Container (the type I remember from my childhood), part filled with water.

And sure enough, he drank, and drank, and drank, until it was all gone.

So I asked for a refill…and he drank that in full… I asked for yet another refill, and again he drank it in full.

He kept the water down, and we shared the most beautiful connection with each other as I continued to work on him. When I left, he started barking, which he hadn’t done in a number of weeks. The owners were overjoyed, and so was I!

There were three amazing lessons I took from this experience.

The first was seeing how essential oils open our consciousness, and in that heightened awareness we experience our inner gifts in an amplified way. In fact, in this experience the essential oil blend helped to create a bridge between me and this Rottweiler, allowing a deep communication and communion to take place. We “knew” each other, and could communicate telepathically, thanks to the vibrational union created by the essential oil blend.
Secondly, I came to see how this particular oil blend (3 Wise Men) opens us up to Universal Healing….and that’s part of why it’s so effective when it’s placed on the crown. I’m not saying the oil itself heals us. It literally opens us up so we are receptive to the healing that’s all around us, from Spirit and from other people. It allows us to let that healing energy in.
And thirdly, I learned that essential oils will always move us in a positive direction, but they will never override our Soul’s choice to be here, or to not be here.
A couple of weeks after this session, after so many positive reports of this dog’s progress, the owners called me with some sad news. His sister had sat on him and broken one of his back legs, and they had made the difficult decision to put him down.
Even though his Soul had been touched by me, he was wanting to leave the Planet, and my love and work with the oils didn’t change that outcome. What they did was to bring love and joy and vibration and connection into his life before it was his time to depart his furry skin and start his next adventure.