Sink or Lift

Finding your perfect spot for meditation

In 2018 I started meditating outdoors, mostly of an evening.

I use a headlamp to give me light while I find the perfect “spot” on the land that’s calling me, as it’s not always the same place.

I set up a blanket and cushions, then I settle down for 10 to 30 minutes of free falling. I don’t attempt to meditate. I simply close my eyes, and allow myself to go wherever I need to. Sometimes I sink down into the earth; sometimes I lift out of my body and up into the air; sometimes spiritual beings come to talk to me; and other times, I simply sit and breathe in the night air, admire the stars, and feel what’s around me in the present moment.

This isn’t the only meditation I do in the day. Every evening I play a guided visualization as I fall off to sleep, inspired by the vibrational sounds used at the time of Atlantis. That’s a story for another day!

However, my outdoor meditations have a very different impact to my indoor ones. By planting my tail bone in the earth, I get to feel the land, and its energy. I become part of nature, and I get to meet some of the beautiful Earth Spirits that live amongst us, in the invisible realms.

More than anything else, these night time meditations ground me and heal my body. They help me remember my place in the Universe, and achieve a sense of spiritual centre that stays with me usually for days afterwards.

When looking for the best place to meditate, my spiritual teacher shared some very helpful information with me.

That might sound like a really strange comment. We often think of meditation as being about lifting up and out of our body, so why would we want to sink?

His reasoning was this. To get the best uplift out of our body, we first need to sink down. So finding a place where the energy calls us deeply down into the earth will then give us a springboard from which we can bounce out into other realms. It’s like when you drop a ball. It bounces down onto the earth first, then hits something solid, and only then does it bounce back up again.

In this instance, the thing that is solid is not the earth’s surface, but rather the large rocks and substrate that are hidden beneath the surface.

It’s their energy that is calling us to meet them, and this is what grounds us at the beginning of our meditation. 

It's easy. Pick any spot on the land, at any time of day, and sit there with your eyes closed. Think about the concept of free falling, which means letting go of any expectation about what should or shouldn’t happen….and literally just let go. Then feel whether your energy is sinking down into the Earth, or lifting up into the air.

If it sinks down into the Earth, then you’ve found your perfect spot for a nighttime (or daytime) Earth Meditation.

Of course, you can do this indoors as well. However, outdoor Earth Meditations have a quality that’s difficult to achieve indoors. These meditations anchor us into Mother Earth so that our energy field is purified, our body is physically balanced, and our Spirit intertwines with nature.

It’s not that one type of meditation is better than the other. They are simply different, and achieve different end results.

So find your perfect spot for an Earth Meditation, and watch how powerfully it affects your spiritual journey.



  • I am one with the Earth and its creatures
  • I am safe. There is nothing to fear.
  • The light of the moon and the stars illuminates and heals every cell of my body
  • I release all attachment in my life, and free fall
  • I trust in the power of this moment to heal all things in my life
  • The trees and the stars watch over me. I am safe and I am loved.
  • As I sink into the Earth, I become one with all things

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