The Ace of Spades

I hope you enjoyed last week’s blog! I promised in this week’s mystery week to share with you an exercise I’ve been teaching for many years as a way to develop your intuition.

All you need is a regular deck of playing cards, and a partner in crime –

someone who’d love to enjoy this experience with you, and preferably someone you know well, such as a relative or close friend.

The giver will be holding the deck of cards, as well as a notepad and a pen. The receiver will be sitting quietly and giving answers. Both of you should read the instructions, then do the exercise.


Write the numbers 1 to 10 on the left of the notepad, one number per line. Repeat this on two more pages of the notepad, each page being 1 to 10. On the first page at the top, write the word PROPHETIC. On the second page write AUDITORY, and on the third page write KINAESTHETIC/VISUAL. Then shuffle the deck of cards.


The person receiving will use their intuition to decide whether the card is red or black. It’s that simple! Even if they were guessing, they’d have a 50% chance of getting the answer correct. We’re interested to see if they can get more than 5 out of 10 correct, ie. Whether they can do better than the odds of guessing.

4 Parts to this Exercise

Each section of this exercise involves 10 cards which are pulled one by one. Each time, the receiver will say whether they believe the card to be red or black.

This exercise will be repeated 4 times, each time in a different way to exercise a different aspect of the psychic muscle. That means there will be 30 cards pulled in total, then you can swap over.

When the exercise starts, the Giver will be looking at the card at the top of the deck, without letting the Receiver see it. Giver, you are only interested in whether the card is red or black. Once the receiver has given you their answer, you will put this card on the bottom of the deck and look at the next card.

As the receiver answers, you simply call out “Correct” or “No”. It’s important that you give the receiver this feedback after every card is pulled, rather than at the end. This enables them to play with their intuition, to get a sense of what it feels like when they are on track, versus off track.

The exercise is slightly different for each run of 10 cards:

  1. For the first 10 cards, the receiver will say what immediately comes to mind when the card is pulled – red or black. Don’t pause and think – to be effective, this needs to be done without thinking and without trying.
  1. For the next 10 cards, the giver will mentally send the word of the colour to the receiver. In other words, they will call out “Red” or “Black” mentally, not verbally.
  1. For the final 10 cards, the giver will send a picture and feeling of the colour to the receiver. So if the picture is red, they will send the receiver an image and feeling of a warm camp fire. And if the picture is black, they will send the receiver an image of the dark night sky and the feeling of openness and coolness.

Once you’ve completed the 3 sets of 10, add up the scores for each one. Any scores of 7 or higher indicate a gift in this area.

Are you prophetic, auditory, kinaesthetic or visual?

The first run of 10 cards tests out your prophetic ability. People who are prophetic have a gut knowing about things. They can’t always explain how they know, they just know. They’ll often listen to their own instincts above anything that other people tell them, and thus they make great leaders because their “gut” tells them what to do. 

The second run of 10 cards tests out your auditory ability. People who are strong in this area are considered “Clairaudient” or “clear hearing”. This means your messages are most likely to come through words, messages and songs.

And the third run of 10 cards tests out your visual and kinaesthetic ability. People who are strong visuals are considered “Clairvoyant” or “clear seeing”, meaning they get their messages through visions. Those who are kinaesthetic are considered “Clairsentient” or “clear feeling” and receive their messages through feelings. They are often able to sense other people’s emotions, even if they are not looking at the person. 

The Importance of Attitude

I first did this exercise when I lived in Indonesia. My first husband and I had lots of fun with it. We started to explore the effects that feedback made on the results. We noticed that when the giver gave positive feedback, saying “Wow, you’re doing great!”, or “Don’t worry – you missed that one but you are amazing!!!”, the receiver’s scores skyrocketed. And when we gave negative feedback, stating that the results were pathetic and the receiver was incapable of doing this exercise, the receiver’s scores plummeted.

That’s why it’s so important to always encourage yourself as you are developing your intuition. Your positive and encouraging thoughts will help you become an ace student, whereas your discouraging and judgmental thoughts will work against your natural gift.

Where to from here?

This is an exercise to practice over time. Like meditation, you’ll have good days and bad days, but also like meditation, this is a foundational practice that will work wonderfully to enhance your intuitive gifts.

When you are consistently getting 8 and higher in these exercises, you can then change the exercise. Instead of looking at red and black, you can start looking at what suit it is (clubs, spades, hearts or diamonds).

And when you are consistently getting 8 and higher for those exercises, you can then expand even further, and look at what the actual card is, ie. Its number (1 to 10), or whether it’s a King, Queen, Jack, Princess, Ace or Joker. 

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