The Analogy of the Twin Towers

Do you ever get the feeling? 

Do you ever get the feeling that right now, it’s like the Earth is splitting beneath you, so that you have somehow ended up with one foot on either side of a giant chasm? You’re looking down into the fiery centre of the Earth, knowing that change is inevitable, but with no idea how that will look?
If you know this feeling, you’re not alone.
A few weeks ago, I found myself in a mindset dilemma. I’m sure you have also felt this. As I gaze upon the chaos that’s occurring in our world, my heart sinks to watch us moving so far from the beautiful world I want to live in. Yet at the same time, there is still so much beauty and grace happening around us. People are discovering what’s important to them. They’re reaching out. They’re connecting in such a loving way, even amidst this mass disconnection.
As I asked Spirit for guidance, I was given a very clear image.

The Twin Towers

The image was of the twin towers of the World Trade Centre….the ones that were destroyed during the September 2001 events.
But this time, instead of seeing two towers, I was looking at one tower. It was bright and shining white. And as I watched, it split down the middle. Part of the tower bent off to the left, and part of it bent off to the right, creating a “v” shape.
This is a symbol given to me, to help me understand this concept.
The part of the tower that is bent to the left represents the troubles of the world. It’s the Darkness that is temporarily engulfing our Planet, making it difficult to breathe. It’s the part that threatens to remove the basic human rights and freedoms that in the past so many of us took for granted. It’s the fears that threaten to drown us, as we become aware of the extent of the clouds that we sit under. It’s the feelings of hopelessness that niggle at us, telling us that the worst is still to come.
On the other side, bending off to the right, is the other tower. It represents Hope. It represents everything that is Light upon our Planet. It’s the Love that people show to each other, the Power and Courage of the Human Spirit, and the incredible light energies we are dancing in right now.
Have you noticed? If you can step out from the dark clouds (the left tower) long enough, you will feel it!

The energies on our Planet had shifted

The energies on our Planet have indeed shifted, and there’s no going back. I’m not talking about the actual physical events unfolding on our Planet. I’m talking energies. The whole energy of our Planet has lightened.

What does this mean for us?

It means that when we play in that pool of Light, that high vibrational frequency, we can shift things in our life far quicker than we ever could before. It’s an energy of healing and transformation, of optimism and growth, of Unity and Peace.

The guidance given to me was very clear, and I want to share it with you, knowing it will help you navigate through these difficult times as well. Here is what I was shown:

Sit yourself firmly in the tower on the right.

Allow your eyes to gaze over both towers. It’s important we are not blinkered and living in a Pollyanna Universe right now. We do need to be aware of what’s happening in both the Light and the Dark towers.

But be very attentive to where your gravitational centre sits. It needs to sit in the tower on the right. That’s what will give you the truest perspective, and the ultimate viewpoint.

Step out of darkness and into the Light

That means you need to deliberately step out of the darkness and worry for periods of time each day and each week. Step into the innocent joy that comes with these new Earth energies. Stop to smell the roses. Laugh with your loved ones. Smile at the antics of the animals around you, because they are feeling these new energies too! Practice Random Acts of Kindness to those around you.

And above all, connect, connect, connect.

Meditate each day, in order to train your mind into being able to drop the weight of the world off your shoulders, as you free fall into timelessness and space. Spend time doing the things that fill your own cup to the brim and indeed overflowing. Let love and laughter pour from you like the brightest Star in the sky.

Because that is what you are. It’s what we all are. Those of us who sit on the right are the Lighthouses. We show others the way home, as we call our own unto ourselves.

So at this time on our Planet, let yourself shine brightly, and love fully, even as you keep your eyes on the tapestry of the world’s unfoldings.