The Call of the Wild


If I ask you to take your mind to the most peaceful place you can imagine, where would it be?

And what is it about this place that makes it so peaceful, so uplifting, so cleansing?

You may find yourself gazing at the ocean, mesmerised by the ebb and flow of the waves. Or you could be walking on the beach, breathing in those stress-relieving negative ions, feeling the warm sand between your toes.

You might be standing under a waterfall, letting the water plunge onto your crown and awaken all of your senses. Or you may be sitting in stillness in nature, feeling the leaves dancing around you, listening to the music of the forest, watching as the birds and other creatures go about their daily life.

For me, these peaceful places in my mind always contain the unspeakable beauty of nature. They uphold a quality that goes beyond all words, and into the breathtaking.

Is that what you also noticed?

How can we articulate in words and sentences the feeling that we get when we connect with nature in a pure and heart-felt way? That feeling is entirely visceral, and it moves us in a way that nothing else can.

It’s our connection to Source, to the Divine. It reminds us that we are indeed Whole.

Yesterday, as I was driving home after an ocean walk and observing the land and the people around me, I began thinking about humanity.

Somewhere we lost our way.

Instead of seeing ourselves as a part of this magnificent Universe, as one strand in the web of life, we started seeing ourselves as the owners and rulers of the land.

We became entitled. We elevated our own station in the web of life and started to assume that we have the absolute right to impact the Earth in whatever way we see fit, without a genuine consideration for all the many Beings who walk beside us on this journey.

And that’s where we became an orphan of the world, instead of a Child of the world. In separating ourselves from the external manifestations of nature, we also separated ourselves from our own true nature, and lost our connection with our Source. We forgot that we are the Earth’s caretakers.

Fortunately, more and more people are becoming aware that we took a wrong turn, and are waking up. That call back to nature is a song that plays heavily in our heart, begging us to change direction, and to return to our Oneness with all things.

Have you felt that call? How is it manifesting in your life?

There are many ways that we can reconnect with nature. The most obvious and simplest one is to spend time out in nature, breathing in the fresh air, planting our feet in the earth, touching the leaves and the soil, and drinking in the sunshine.

But don’t stop there. In our craving for reconnection, we can also invite nature into our home.

Twenty years ago, I was living in a 2 bedroom unit (apartment/condo) beside the ocean. I lived there for 12 years, and I loved that unit so much – especially the view! Each day was an ever-changing tapestry, as I watched the whales and dolphins, the sea birds and ocean liners, the storms and the clear blue skies.

Yet nature wasn’t just on the outside of my unit. Inside, I had ferns hanging from the ceiling, and indoor plants in every corner. I even had a leopard tree growing in my bedroom until she became too tall, and was transplanted onto my Mum’s acreage, where she can live to be a big old tree.

Many of those plants from my unit are still with me today, even though I’ve moved home 5 times since then. They are part of my family, just like my favourite felines.

Bringing plants into your home is one way to connect with nature. Having a home with large windows that invite in sunlight and nature is another way.

These steps we can take are just one part of the puzzle, addressing the visual aspect.

But what about your sense of smell?

Bring the beautiful aromas of nature into your home, so that you feel connected with the plants around you even when you’re inside.

Imagine surrounding yourself with the uplifting aromas of fresh oranges, the calming aromas of lavender and sandalwood, the centering aromas of large trees like the conifers, the delightfully playful aromas of blossoms like geranium, jasmine and rose, and the earthy aromas of our herbs like ginger, basil and cilantro.

Always make sure your aromas are genuine. You don’t want your desire to be closer to nature to become a hazard to your health!

There are a lot of synthetic smells out there – whether it’s scented candles, or scented incense sticks, scented air fresheners, and scent sticks. These contain chemicals called “phthalates” (pronounced “thalates”), which even in very small quantities can disrupt our hormones and our health. And there are a lot of synthetic smells in both commercial and natural cleaning solutions, which often aren’t fully disclosed on the labels.

Instead, invest in a good quality essential oil diffuser, and some pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils and oil-infused cleaning solutions like those available from Young Living.

Essential oils are your doorway back to nature.

Use them to:

  • Cleanse and purify the air you breathe
  • Replace chemical-laden perfumes with uplifting natural oil blends
  • Unwind by adding to a warm bath with some Epsom salts
  • Empower yourself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, helping to bring greater balance into your life in all these areas

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