The Eye of the Storm

As I look around at my friends, my family, my spiritual brothers and sisters and beyond, I can’t name one person who isn’t struggling right now.
For some, that struggle is with physical challenges, or heavy diagnoses for themselves or their beloveds. For others, it’s relationship break ups or unsettling dynamics within their relationships. And others just feel an overwhelming sense of darkness and struggle.
It’s not that we can’t see the light and be grateful for it. It’s quite easy in these times of darkness to look up and see the blue sky and the sun shining and the birds singing.
But then we look down, and can’t find our feet because they’ve disappeared into this black bog that is our world right now, and all the challenges that are hitting us from so many directions.
Things never happen to us. They always happen for us. So why is this happening?

It’s because our beautiful Mumma Earth has shifted on her axis.

While our heads were turned to the East with the unfoldings on our Planet this past couple of years, she sat in the West and took the opportunity to give a giant groan and wiggle her bottom and adjust herself on her landing pad in the Universe.
A great analogy would be a humpback whale that soars high above the ocean, only to then belly flop back into the waters of life. Just imagine the tsunami that would create if the whale was as big as Mother Earth!!!

We all felt it – we just didn’t know what it was.

We’ve all been caught in the gigantic ripples of energy that her belly flop has created. Our worlds have been turned upside down, our axis and sense of direction has shifted, and we have often felt like ships cut adrift in the ocean, at the mercy of the current (which fortunately does know where it’s taking us)!
So how do we negotiate ourselves through these enormous ripples? The answer is simple...

We sit in the Eye of the Storm.

Amidst any form of chaos, there is a perfect centre. When we find that centre, everything becomes still. But as soon as we step even 1 millimetre off that centre point, we are caught in the tornedo of energies.
This is the perfect opportunity to cultivate a deep connection within ourselves. The more grounded and centred we are, the better our chance of remaining anchored within that perfect eye of the storm.
Out of every dark cloud there appears a silver lining, and this opportunity is our silver lining right now.
We get to know ourselves. We get to be still, and feel into our hearts and our depths. We get to listen to our own pulse, as it guides us in our actions each and every day.
Three days ago, I was aware of how balanced I have been – like the tightrope walker dancing in the storm’s very centre.
But that day I got hit from every direction with important demands. And as the day progressed, I could feel myself losing that pinpoint in the light, and starting to tumble.
Yesterday and today I was meant to be in an entrepreneurs’ seminar. I’ve never missed one of these seminars, and I attend them every 3 months. They fill my cup. But this time, I made a choice for me. I decided to step out of the seminar for 2 days, and just “be”. I went for a beach walk each day. I tuned into myself. I got clear on the decisions I was being asked to make.

I created Space

And space is our compass which leads us into the eye of the storm.

And in that space, I found myself again, and have taken each thing that I needed to do one step at a time. No fast decisions. No racing mind or racing body. Just a very, very grounded energy.

Some of those things I did were self care. Not just the beach walks, but also doing my 7 oil ritual and grounding and protecting practice every day; caring for some plants and gardens around the home that were crying out for water; filling my car with fuel (a symbol of filling myself with energy – and I did that too, with a Reiki session on myself this morning); rescuing a little snake and getting it checked out by the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital and then releasing it tonight into some leaf litter, where it will hopefully feel safe enough to spend the winter; playing with my cats for the first time in over a year (yes, really playing, to the point that they were panting with joy).

Those small acts of love for myself and the things around me were just as important as the big decisions. In fact, they made the big decisions easier, because they helped me find my centre.

And from my centre, the answers to the big decisions became so obvious.

I used to run through life, and be so proud of it.

Now I’m proud of how I journey through life. It’s no longer the destination that sits as the ultimate measure of my success. Whether I reach that destination or not is not that important. What’s important is each and every moment of the day, and how I am feeling in those moments, and how I am flowing in the river of life.

When I’m in flow, synchronicities just happen, and things unfold as they need to. And although I’m still acutely aware of the energy of challenge all around me, I find my inner peace in that eye of the storm, and know that everything is on track and unfolding as it should be.

So how are you navigating life right now? Are you finding the eye of the storm?

If not, if you’re still being tossed about in all the turbulence, create some inner space. Look for you, and allow that beautiful and powerful Soul to guide you into your perfect centre.

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