The Frequency of Joy

Many years ago, D. Gary Young (the founder of Young Living Essential Oils) began working with Bruce Tainio of Tainio Technology to explore the frequencies of essential oils. Bruce introduced Gary to his radionics machine, which was how he measured frequency.

Everything has a frequency, whether it’s human or animal, a stone or a tree, a piece of plastic or a wooden chair.

Essential oils are no different. They comprise hundreds of fragile constituents, each with their own unique properties and frequency. The frequency of the essential oil is dictated by the frequencies of its individual constituents.
As soon as we interact with an essential oil, we are impacted not only by its chemistry but also by its frequency. This applies regardless of the method of exposure. We can experience that essential oil via inhalation (eg. having your essential oil in a diffuser), by an oral route (eg. incorporating it into food or beverages) or by a topical route (applied neat or diluted to the skin).
Think of the essential oil as being like a village with hundreds of people in it. Each person has their own unique skill set and personality that they bring to that village. It’s the sum of all of those many different people that makes the village what it is, and gives it its own “vibe”. There is an overall “vibe” (ie. frequency) of the village…and then each person in the village who you might happen to speak to has their own unique “vibe”.

So what does this have to do with Gary and with Young Living?

Because of his work with Bruce Tainio and with frequencies, Gary decided to measure the frequency of people in a state of joy. Then he blended individual essential oils together, until he achieved a formula that matched that frequency of Joy.

When he tested this blend out, he found that it did indeed lift people up into a state of Joy.

He even experimented by putting the Joy oil into someone’s aura without even touching their body and that person’s frequency lifted into a state of Joy.
This gives a wonderful insight into the power of frequency, and how it operates on our Being.
Personally, I’ve found Joy oil to be an amazing essential oil blend to use on the heart chakra during any time of sadness or grief. It quite literally lifts our heart out of the frequency of sorrow and into the frequency of joy.

No essential oil will prevent us from going through the human lessons we are here to learn. Instead, they work intelligently on body, mind and Spirit, helping to guide us through these difficult times with enhanced grace and ease.

So many times I’ve seen the intelligence of essential oils at work.

I remember years ago I put Grounding oil blend onto a friend of mind when she was feeling a bit low, and not wanting to go out to a party she’d been invited to. I’ve always found Grounding oil works physically and energetically to do exactly what the bottle says, ie. it grounds me, and anchors me in my body. But in this instance, as soon as I put the Grounding oil on the back of my friend’s neck, she surprised me by starting to sob uncontrollably.
“It’s broken, it’s broken,” she wailed, sounding like a heartbroken child. This friend rarely cries, and this spontaneous outburst was extremely unexpected and out of character for her. But it was also perfect.

When she was 24, she had broken her neck in a horseriding accident.

She spent the next 3 months in hospital with tongs drilled into her skull, being rotated like a piece of meat on a spit roast. It was an incredibly traumatic experience for her (and for me), and at the time her only way of coping was to distance herself from the trauma and the emotions and the memory of it.
Yet somehow, 15 years later, that essential oil had helped her connect to the deep emotions she was holding in her neck after the accident.
She cried for 5 or 10 minutes, then just as suddenly the tears dried up and she was a completely transformed woman. Her whole energy and attitude had shifted, and she was ready to go out and party.
This is a great example of how essential oils work not only through frequency, but also intelligently.

I could put that same oil on my neck, and feel energetically grounded, and also notice that it’s had a relaxing and soothing effect on my tight neck muscles. Yet someone else (in this case my friend) could use that oil and find that their body accesses a different dimension of the oil. In my friend’s case, she didn’t need the physical impact. Instead, that essential oil worked on her to facilitate an emotional release….because that’s what was needed for her to heal.
The oil didn’t do the physical healing for her – it was simply the wise guide that knew where her blocks were, and was able to facilitate her in having an emotional release to dissolve the blocks.
So next time you pick up a bottle of essential oil, know that you hold a profoundly powerful and intelligent natural substance in your hands.

They are indeed Nature’s Magic in a bottle.