The Lost Teachings of Atlantis

Many years ago - in 1996 to be precise - a special book landed into my hands. At that time I was doing a one year self-mastery training in the Blue Mountains (Australia) with Scott Washington, and during that training he introduced us to “The Kybalion” by Three Initiates. 

This book is the backbone of hermetic philosophy, a school of spiritual thought that harks back to the Master of Masters, Hermes Trismegistus. Trismegistus translates as the “thrice great”.


Are you familiar with the teachings of Hermes? 

Hermes lived in Atlantis before its fall. He was one of the awakened Souls who foresaw the fall of Atlantis. Prior to this catastrophic event, he lead a group of followers to Egypt, where he was reputed to have lived for some 300 years in the flesh.

After his passing, the Egyptians made him one of their gods, and he was given the name of “Thoth” (see picture).

Years later, the people of Ancient Greece also made him one of their gods, calling him “Hermes, the god of Wisdom”. His teachings became known as Hermetic Philosophy. 

If you’ve heard of the ultimate in alchemy, ie. base metal being transmuted into Gold, that is one of the skills taught in Hermetic philosophy to the higher Initiates. And if you’ve heard the saying “When the student is ready, the teacher appears” – well, that is also a Hermetic teaching.

So it’s roots have infiltrated not only many of our common sayings, but also many of our present-day religions.

When Scott Washington gave his students this book as a gift, said to us “This book is difficult to read. Its knowledge is deliberately hidden so that you will only understand it and unlock it when you are ready. So you will need to read it many times.” 

Well, I can’t say I was that persistent. But I did read it 2 or 3 times, and each time I read the simple words in this book, I sensed that behind them was a river of powerful information…but it seemed to lie just beyond my reach. 

The book is a series of Seven Hermetic Principles or truths, upon which the entire Hermetic Philosophy is based – things like “The principle of Mentalism” (ie. the power of our mind), and “The principle of Vibration” (ie. that all things exist in a state of vibration, and the higher our vibration, the closer we come to God or Spirit), and “The principle of Polarity” (ie. that light and darkness are poles of the same thing).

One of the most powerful aspects of this book was its description of that amazing and all-encompassing energy that we call “God” or “Spirit”. It pondered what this energy actually is, and concluded that it was “The All” – a universal, infinite, living mind that we exist within, yet which extends beyond us. 

It was stated that some of the enthusiastic followers of the Hermetic traditions had been persecuted or crucified after trying to teach the masses, who were not ready to hear some of the deeper teachings which flew in the face of the beliefs of the time. 

Remember the saying “Pearls before swine”? Yes, that also comes from the Hermetic teachings. Not everyone is ready to hear the truth, as our Ego can very vehemently defend its version of truth, upon which its whole world is based.

Therefore, the Hermetic teachings went underground, and were passed on verbally from teacher to student through word of mouth, in order to protect both the information itself, and the people involved.

I’ve always held onto my precious little book, “The Kybalion”. It was one of those books that sat on my shelf as if it was not base metal but indeed Gold, but I just didn’t know how to unlock its deeper wisdom hidden behind the words.

The Catalyst

This now brings me to the next part of this story. And as you know, life gives us some interesting twists and turns…yet it also gives us some powerful signposts and catalysts, designed to move us in new directions and through new doorways. And sometimes things can come full circle.

One of those catalysts happened for me in 2015. I was in Venice Beach in California, browsing through my favourite bookstore. Suddenly I saw a book about Atlantis. It is called “The Children of the Law of One, and the Lost Teachings of Atlantis” by Jon Penoel.


I’ve always felt a powerful connection with Atlantis and Lemuria, so this was one of the books that I purchased that day, and it’s a book that changed the direction of my life.

The Lost Teachings of Atlantis is a true story, a biography. As a 17 year old man, Jon had reached a point of sadness and despair at the world he was looking upon, which he described as a “Dog eat Dog” world. As he sat on his couch flipping channels on the TV, mentally preparing himself to take his own life, he came to the UHF channel.

Now in those days, the UHF channel was not programmed. It was impossible for a program to be aired on it. Yet as Jon came to the UHF channel, a program actually popped up on it.

This defied all the laws of physics, yet it happened. And the program was about a monk in Tibet, talking about a very special and hidden Monastery in Tibet that lived from the principles of Universal Love. 

This was the antithesis of the “Dog eat Dog” world that Jon so desperately wanted to escape. At the end of the program, the monk spoke about how to find this Monastery….and in one of those life-changing moments, Jon decided to leave his whole world behind, but not through death. Instead, he set out on a quest to find this Monastery.

The book shares his powerful story, from that moment of choice as he sat on the couch, through to him reaching Enlightenment in that Tibetan Monastery by the age of 21.

He talks with great honesty and transparency about the lessons he learned at the Monastery, his personal steps to Enlightenment, and some of the powerful writings he found in the library there….all drawn from original manuscripts that were often thousands of years old.


The All

Yet as if all of that wasn’t enough Gold, the real jaw dropper for me happened a few chapters in. I was reading, completely engrossed, when I came across two words that changed my life. Those words were “The All”.

And in that moment, I knew that somehow this book had been sent for me to find. 

After Hermes Trismegistus left his body, some of his followers journeyed to Tibet, carrying with them the secret Hermetic knowledge, which included wisdom not only from Egypt, but also from Atlantis.

They had set up a Monastery in a most unusual and hidden part of Tibet, and thousands of years later Jon Penoel was destined to come to this Monastery. That program that played on UHF was intended for Jon to see. It was a projection of mental intention from the monks in the Monastery, in order to reach Jon, because……well, maybe it’s better you read the story for yourself, to find out why this happened!   

So yes, miracles happen, and this was one of them - not just for Jon, and his incredible journey to Tibet, but also for me.

“The Lost Teachings of Atlantis” found me, and Jon’s words and the teachings in this book changed my life forever. It propelled me forwards on my spiritual journey in a way I could never have imagined.

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