The Miracle of Frankincense


When I first read about Frankincense oil, I was struck by the comment that it “connects us to God and the Divine”.

How often do we find ourselves feeling alone, even when we’re surrounded by crowds of people? Have you ever felt lost, and longed for someone or something to be your lighthouse, to look deep into your heart and Soul and show you the beautiful shining light within?

It’s no wonder it was treasured more than gold, and became one of three precious gifts given to the Christ child by the three Magi. Yet its mystery has seeped into many different cultures and spiritual practices, not only Christianity.

Whether you enjoy the blessing of Frankincense resin burning in your church, or you love to place a drop of Frankincense oil on your third eye or crown in your yoga and meditation practices, the shift in your senses will be profound.

A single drop is all it takes!

And it’s not all in your mind! German Scientists found that one of the ingredients in Frankincense resin is psychoactive. When Frankincense resin is burned in church services, it allows the congregation to more easily enter meditative and visionary states of consciousness.

The same is true for the essential oil of Frankincense. 

Meditation is the art of finding a resting place for the mind.

Did you know that sacred prayer is one form of meditation? Don’t be fooled by the word meditation. So many people think they can’t meditate. But just like prayer, meditation is a practice. Some days it’s deeper, some days thoughts jump in and distract.

That resting place can be a word or phrase (often called a mantra). It can be a candle or a beautiful sunset. It can be an auditory journey, which we often call a guided meditation. This is where you listen to someone’s voice as they take you on a journey in your mind. It can be the focus on your breath as it moves in and out of your body, or the conscious attention to the breath as you move energy up your spine on the in-breath, and down your spine on the out-breath. It can even be the art of laughter, or the focus on the eyes of a loved one as you would do in a tantric practice. And of course prayer is also a meditation, where your attention is on your connection with God (Spirit).   

Frankincense Exercise:

Choose a quiet place, somewhere you won’t be interrupted. As with prayer, meditation is best done with a straight spine rather than slouched. Most people will choose to sit cross legged on the floor, or sit in a chair with their back straight and their feet flat on the floor. However, lying on your back is also an option, although one that will be sometimes more conducive to sleep rather than to meditation! 

Place a drop of Frankincense oil on your third eye at the beginning of your meditation practice. Make sure it’s therapeutic-grade, so that it’s designed to go directly on the skin without contaminants present that would irritate the skin. If you’re not sure how to source therapeutic-grade essential oils, check out the links at the bottom of this blog.

Your third eye is located one to two finger widths above your eyebrows, in the centreline of your forehead. As you apply the oil, rotate it three times clockwise (the clock orientation would be as if you are outside your body looking at your forehead). Your DNA spins clockwise when it’s healthy, and 3 is a sacred number in many spiritual traditions, so this simply act of the 3 times clockwise affirms your connection with Spirit, and invites health and wellbeing to reside in your body.

Choose one of the resting places for your mind listed above. If it’s a visual resting place like a beautiful sunset , a person or a candle, you will have your softly open for this. For most other types of meditation, close your eyes, and allow your attention to go to your mind’s resting place. Any time your mind wanders (which it will do – that’s what our mind naturally does), simply pick your mind up and put it back on its resting place.

This act of continually interrupting the mind from its distractions and bringing it back over and over to its resting place is the art of meditation. However, in the process of training the mind towards stillness rather than constant distractions, you will gain more and more “deep” experiences in your meditation and prayer practices. 

When you use Frankincense oil on your third eye during your spiritual practices, you will be amazed at how quickly you drop into the depths of meditation or prayer, and how much easier it is to access that place of stillness and presence.  

There are many different grades of Frankincense essential oil. To get the best results from your meditations, you want to source therapeutic-grade essential oils.

We can help you access therapeutic-grade essential oils. Contact us at for more information - we'd love to help! 


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