The Pointing of the Bone


In our last 2 blogs, Journey into the Dreaming, and When Feather Foot comes calling, I’ve explored the Australian Aboriginal shamans and their ability to focus the power of their mind to harm and to heal those around them.

Our mind is immensely powerful, and it certainly has the capacity to make our body sick. Yet in many ways this is an oversimplification. It’s missing one vital part of the picture.

It’s not just our mind or words that poison our body, it’s the energy behind them.

In fact, it’s the energy behind these thoughts that is the REAL weapon. That’s the weapon the Kurdaitcha wield. In fact, they are masters in this Art. It’s also the weapon behind any form of spiritual attack.

After all, energy is everything, and everything is energy!

Using these same principles of directed energy, did you know that we can also point the bone at ourselves?

I was having a conversation last night with a beloved friend of mine. She’d been doing so well only 3 months ago. At that time she was bright and happy, and elated at where her life was heading.

But then, as if a switch had been flicked, she found herself spiralling downhill both physically and emotionally.

In fact, her whole life force energy was so “sapped” that she had one foot planted in life, going through the motions with only half a heart, and the other foot already on the other side of the veil, ready to exit her body.

I was deeply concerned for her wellbeing.

When we reach these points in our life when a part of us wants to exit, we can sow the seeds for our departure from our body and this life, and set in place triggers in our body and Soul for the plant of death to grow.

As we chatted and explored her life and her feelings, I was gifted with an amazing understanding about emotional energy, and how it can be directed. It was one of those profound “ah ha” moments, and one I want to share with you.

A few months ago, this lovely friend of mine had experienced a powerful emotional trigger that unlocked a core wound for her. In the face of this trigger, the wound (ie. the inner voice) surfaced and said that she wasn’t important, and wasn’t good enough. Someone else would always come first. She was just taking up space.

Like any river, emotions have a natural flow to them. When we block them at any point (like a beaver building a wall across a dam), we can redirect them in ways they weren’t meant to flow, and that’s when we get ourselves into trouble.

That’s exactly what happened to my friend.

At the time that the trigger happened for my friend, a natural response would have been for her to feel a deep anger at how this other person had handled the communication with her in such an insensitive and uncaring way.

Instead of feeling this, my friend skipped entirely over this part of the emotional flow. Instead, she redirected all of that emotional energy towards herself. She rationalised the situation by telling herself that her own inner wound had surfaced, and that she needed to do more work on herself because this wound clearly wasn’t healed.

Whilst that was all perfectly true and self-evident, it was also an avoidance. By focussing her energy immediately onto her own wound and the part she was playing in this drama, she was missing a key step in the process, which was to feel her feelings towards this other person.

Energetically, that meant that the entire burst of anger that would normally have been felt towards this other person’s insensitive behaviour was instead directed fully back at herself, and she “made real” her inner wound and the unkind thoughts she was harbouring about herself – thoughts like “see, I’m not good enough, I’m nothing, I’m unimportant. This situation proves it.”

This is how we point the bone at ourselves.

The end result is that we aren’t acknowledging the anger and hurt we feel around another person’s actions. We’re not holding others responsible for their behaviours so they may also learn and grow. We’re avoiding the discomfort and conflict that comes from recognising someone else’s selfish actions. Heaven forbid, we might have to talk to them about their actions!

Instead, we try to rise above all of those “nasty” emotions and into a spiritual rationalisation, but in that process we’ve just created a toxic spear and plunged it into ourselves.

Because after all, emotional energy can’t simply disappear. Certainly, it can be transformed. Yet it first needs to be felt.

For my friend, that toxic spear that was now pointing at herself was creating all sorts of havoc and sickness in her body. She’d pointed the bone at herself, and was directly experiencing the consequences.

In that moment of revelation about how we can point the bone at ourselves (which I’ll call a “Holy Instant” or “miracle moment”), we both understood the mixed up dynamics that were causing the sickness for her, and we knew that by transforming the flow of those emotions, she’ll have the best chance of healing.

All she needs to do is to backtrack, and revisit the emotions she skipped over, so that the watercourse of emotions can move in its correct and natural flow.

This means she needs to acknowledge the emotions she is indeed feeling towards the other person’s behaviour, and to feel them. From there, everything else will flow normally. It was only by jumping over that step that she was misdirecting the energy, and “copping the brunt” herself.

As these words came out of my mouth and the truth of them dawned on both of us, the shift in my friend’s energy was so dramatic that I knew healing had already taken place.

As beautiful Souls on a spiritual path, we can misinterpret the meaning of unconditional love. Sometimes we think it means that we forgive everyone for everything, and we simply “rise above” these situations.

The problem with that perspective is that it’s us (usually that means our ego) which is the one that is “forgiving” the other person. And as we see from the scenario above, that just means the raw emotional energy gets channelled in the wrong direction. It misses a step, and like the misfiring of a heartbeat, it can be completely destructive to life and love.

That’s not the path to healing or Awakening.

Ultimately, we WILL forgive…but this needs to be done in the correct way for it to be effective and transformational, and for love to return into our hearts and the situation that’s caused us angst.

I've been working with the book A Course in Miracles over the past 30 years. One of the most powerful phrases from this text is, “You must look upon your illusions and not keep them hidden, because they do not rest on their own foundation”.

How can we forgive someone, or have a miracle happen, if we don’t first see what we are really thinking and feeling? It’s our thoughts and inner hurt that needs to be healed. If we skip over this step and don’t acknowledge that, true healing can never happen.

So we must recognise our hurt, our anger, our frustrations and our resentment towards other people’s actions. This has to be acknowledged and seen, before it can be undone. Otherwise we’re just in the backseat as our ego puts a beautiful whitewash over the situation, and leaves us convinced that we are more spiritual than other people around us. What we don’t realise is that we’ve just side-stepped and avoided some deeply uncomfortable emotions, and no healing has occurred.

True healing is a four-step process. It happens when:

  1. We recognise our natural and human emotional response to a trigger, ie. we feel our feelings. This doesn’t mean we have to dump those feelings onto the other person. But we do need to feel them.
  2. We see the other person’s part in that trigger, ie. the unloving action or behaviour they have engaged in which triggered us. Usually this is an action inspired from their own fear, with fear being simply a lack of love.
  3. We acknowledge how their actions are the perfect trigger for our own wounds. All things happen “for” us not “to” us. In this life, everything is occurring to assist us to see, feel and then heal. That person may not have acted lovingly, however it’s our own wounds that have caused us to react. One day, bit by bit these wounds will have dissolved so there is nothing left to trigger. At that point, another person’s actions have no effect on us. But we can’t fake this. If we try to pretend there’s no effect, we are simply acting, and no healing can come from this.
  4. The final step in this process is forgiveness. It’s only once we feel and see our inner rage and hurt, that forgiveness can actually happen. And it’s the one step we can’t do on our own. For this step, our participation is to have a tiny bit of willingness to forgive. We find that willingness when we realise that forgiveness will allow us to have peace again within ourselves. And then we ask for help, and we invite the ALL (ie. that all-encompassing energy we call God, Spirit, Angels, Love) into our life, to help us see this situation differently. Once that happens, a miracle can occur. Our viewpoint can be changed, such that pain is transformed into forgiveness, and we can effortlessly see the invaluable gift this person has given us in showing us our wounds.
The more we heal, the more we can feel compassion for the human experience, and each person’s choices and levels within that.
We know that standing in front of us is a child of God. Yet like ourselves, they are not constantly in that awareness; and like any child, they can do unloving and unkind things. It doesn’t change their true nature, or the truth about their Source.

So the next time you are faced with an injury or ailment, look deeper for the emotional cause. What is it that you skipped over and avoided feeling, which then became anchored as an energy in your body? By addressing the real feelings, you can free up the energy so that healing can naturally occur.

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