The Real Dis-Ease


On Sunday, a python was run over about 10 minutes from where I live, and was oozing pink fluid from its tail. 

Snake tails don’t usually ooze unless they are infected, but close to the tail is the “cloaca” through which they pass faeces and urates. If pink fluid is oozing from this, it’s not a good sign for the snake, and suggests internal injuries. 

Although I headed straight to the scene, I wasn’t able to find the snake. It may have taken refuge in one of the storm water drains on either side of the road, or been protected from view under thick grasses. 

In the process of looking for clues that might help me narrow down my search area, I started asking questions of the person who’d reported the accident…..and what it revealed caused my blood to boil!

The python had been on the road at the same time that a roadworks water truck wanted to pass. The driver tried to spray the snake with water, probably to encourage it to move. 

Either the snake didn’t move, or didn’t move fast enough, because the driver decided to just keep driving and ran over the snake. 

Sadly, this snake is most likely facing a weeks or months of a long and painful death.

We have enough deaths and extinctions happening on our Planet. Each one is a tragedy. We’ve lost millions of animals to bushfires or droughts; 6 to 7 frog species are predicted to become extinct in the coming year as a result of the latest “mortality event” along the East Coast of Australia (caused by a deadly fungus); we’re filling our world with chemicals and EMF pollution so that we’re all living in a chemical and radiation soup; and in our lifetime star gazing will become a thing of the "past", replaced by "satellite gazing". 

Yet it’s the deaths that are avoidable, the deaths that are the result of sheer carelessness….these are the ones that upset me the most. 

What happened to this snake is a symptom of what is happening in our society. 

Our world is in the grips of a terrible disease. “Yes, that’s obvious” you might say. But I’m not referring to the obvious. 

The real disease, which is reaching plague proportions in our world, is the dis-ease of disconnection and of fear. 

In centuries long past, we lived and breathed our connection with Mother Nature. Everything we did was governed by the rhythms of the sun, the moon, the planets, the seasons. We’d learned to listen to her, and receive her guidance. We knew that we shared an umbilical cord direct into her belly, and that without her, we would die. 

Fast forward to today, and we see a very different picture….one not dissimilar to Atlantis before its fall.

Our world has become divided. 

Those people who seek solace in nature and Spirit are the rare minority. These people know and respect their bodies, and each other. They carry kindness and care in their heart, and they take the time to stop when they see someone or something in need of a helping hand. They treat the creatures around them as their brothers and sisters. They appreciate a beautiful sunrise, the antics of a little bird, or the breath-taking aroma of a flower in the forest. 

On the other side of that chasm are the rest of humanity. These are the people who have forgotten how to “Be”. They are surrounded by the same breathtaking beauty, yet they don’t see it. Their minds are in a state of chaos and war, and they are numbing themselves with every distraction they can find, whether through substances, worries, social media, work, or material “things”, in order to avoid the emptiness they feel on the inside. 

None of these things fill our cup. Our cup is filled only by frequencies that come from a place of love and connection….and that also means nature.  

That’s one of the reasons I love our essential oils so much. They are such a simple way to remind us of our connection with nature, and to bring the blessings of nature back into our homes and onto our bodies.

Where do you Stand?

The time has come where sitting on the fence no longer works, and no longer serves anyone. We all need to choose. 

So where do I stand? 

I don’t support the removal of human dignity and basic human rights. I don’t support a skyline filled with cell towers and a sky filled with satellites, so that we will no longer be able to gaze at the natural wonders of our landscape and of the night sky. 

We have a safe solution - fibre optics (the fastest internet on the Planet). Why is this not being offered to us? We're told it's "too expensive". It’s “easier and cheaper” to fill the sky with technology, until there is no place on Earth where EMF radiation doesn’t reach. Once done, this can't be undone. 

Our world is becoming more and more mandated and controlled. Gosh, who would have ever thought we’d come to this in our lifetime? In fact, how did we get here? 

We have people with very strong opinions on both sides of the camp. And the greatest sadness is the separation that is occurring not only in our society, but also within families. 

So where do I stand? It’s this….

This is your path. I have no right to tell you what path you should walk. This is your journey as a Spiritual Being walking in a human body. Do your research. Listen to your body. Feel into your intuition. And do what feels like the right choice for you.

I won’t judge you for that. You don’t need to make the same choices as me. I won’t add to the violence of separation. Instead, I love you, and honour your right to choose what’s right for your body….and I hope that you will do the same for me. 

But more than anything….come home to yourself. Look within your heart, and find the flame that flickers inside of you. And if you can’t find it, if it’s so dim that it can’t even reach your eyes, then reach out for another person. Find a Lighthouse in this world. God knows, we have enough of these beautiful Light Workers on our Planet who are reaching their hands back to you. 

Take their hand and let them lead you back to yourself. 

Reconnect….and remember who you truly are, and discover your living connection with Mother Nature, and the incredible joy that brings you. 

Follow these 6 principles for peace: 

  1. Remember to breathe, deeply. When we are frightened, we forget to breathe. So calm your body and your mind through your breath. Add a drop of Sandalwood or Cedarwood oil to this routine. Both of these oils will deepen your breathing, and reduce stress.
  2. Connect with nature for at least 10 minutes every day. Hug a tree, plant your feet in the sand, gaze at the night sky, put your hands in the earth, smell the aromas of nature. And if you’re unable to leave your home at present, diffuse a mixture of Kunzea and Northern Lights Black Spruce oil….or any of your favourite essential oils or blends. 
  3. Do something kind for someone else, each and every day. What will it be today? How can you change someone’s world for the better? How can you be a Lighthouse for another person or animal? Use Joy or Gary’s Light oil blends, to remind you how powerful your heart is, and your capacity for bringing joy to others. 
  4. Reconnect with your Spirit, through meditation and silence. Set aside at least 20 minutes a day, where you can have uninterrupted contemplation or meditation time. Let it fill your cup, and remind you that you are far greater than you think. In fact, your capacity is limitless. You are a part of God, you are Divine, and you are fully alive. Frankincense oil, or the oil blends Stress Away or 3 Wise Men are wonderful oils for meditation. Put a drop on your third eye or crown chakra before every meditation.   
  5. Use daily affirmations and visualisations to see a beautiful future. Your mind is incredibly powerful. Make sure you give it plenty of time focussing on the positive, so it still finds pockets of deep peace. Use oil blends like Envision, Harmony, Dream Catcher and Inner Child to anchor in these positive dreams. They are your antidotes to fear. 
  6. And finally, practice Gratitude. Every day, acknowledge something that you are grateful for (it might be a person or a situation). Also acknowledge something about yourself that you truly appreciate. Use Gratitude and Sensation oil blends each day to assist you in really feeling these states of gratitude and self-love.  

And remember – you are not alone, and you are not just one voice. Let’s light those candles, and set the world on fire!

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