The Sound of One Hand Clapping... or Not?

I wasn’t looking forward to last Monday. There had been something brewing within me that I needed to express to a new friend in business, and I was experiencing a tug of war.

When I checked in with my intuition, I knew what my truth was. I knew things weren’t working out. I knew I needed to say something. But at the same time, I wanted to bury my head in the sand and keep the status quo.

Whilst the one part of me knew the conversation needed to take place, the other part of me didn’t want to hurt her feelings. And, to be honest, it was also going to leave me in a precarious position in one aspect of my business, lacking the support that I so desperately needed.

So I knew that this conversation was likely to leave me juggling more plates in the air than is humanly possible – and this particular plate is one that I am a novice at, so there would be a steep learning curve.

As Monday approached, I rehearsed in my mind what to say, and how to say it. I reflected on my personality, and my ability to be very black and white in conversations – even to the point of being righteous and dominating. That’s wasn’t going to create a great experience for either of us. So I was searching for the softer approach, one that would be honouring yet clear-sighted.

And – if I’m truly honest - the bottom line was that I didn’t want to say it.


We caught up, and spent a wonderful afternoon talking about everything except what I wanted to talk about. 

Meanwhile I was having a discourse in my mind…..when was I going to say something? Was I going to wriggle out of broaching the subject? Yet the conversation we were having was so valuable that I was learning a lot as we talked. These were things I needed to learn, if I was to juggle that one more plate with greater ease.

And finally, I realised that I simply didn’t wish to have the conversation. Not that way, not that day.

Do you ever find that you completely underestimate another person’s awareness? In this situation, I did. This beautiful young woman had awoken that morning with a tight stomach, feeling that something was about to be said. She spent Monday afternoon with her own discourse going on, wondering if her concerns had been all in her mind, wondering if she should broach the conversation, given that I seemed to be avoiding it.

We were two spinning wheels, not yet overlapping.

Yet at the very end of the day, there came this magical moment. I see these moments at various times in life, and they are indeed the substrate of miracles.

Think of it like sliding doors. Imagine in front of you is a series of 6 or 8 doors, one after the other, after the other. One slides open, and the others are opening at different speeds, so there seems to be no way through the obstacle course.

And then – there is this absolutely perfect moment, the magical moment, when it just happens that all the doors are open at exactly the same time. If we take that moment, we can achieve a miracle and move with ease through what would otherwise just be a mass of impenetrable obstacles.

This is Universal timing. When we watch for these magical moments, and act in this moment, everything unfolds perfectly.

That’s exactly what happened. It was 10 minutes before we needed to part ways and move on to other activities…and suddenly, that magical moment appeared.

I was centred in my heart, having spent the afternoon appreciating this shining light of a woman who was sitting next to me. And I just opened up and spoke with honesty and gentleness about my doubts, my concerns, and what I was witnessing.

And in setting such a gentle energy for our conversation, she met me at that level, and also opened up about her feelings. And we realised we were both seeing exactly the same thing. There was no difference between us. We both recognised that things weren’t unfolding as either of us originally intended.

But rather than this heralding a more formal parting of ways, this beautiful and heart-filled conversation allowed a consolidation of connection, and a recognition that although our outer business relationship was about to change form, the inner connection was stronger than ever.

I left that meeting knowing that love had been at work in it. When we use these magical moments to evoke change and inspire honest communication, the ripple effects are felt throughout our whole being. It’s like the stripping away of karmic bonds, setting us free from yet another limitation that was pinning us into our “smaller” Self.

Last night, as I was pondering this situation, I thought of the popular Zen question of the sound of one hand clapping.

And I realised that when we act from our smaller self, as I would have done if I’d barged into the conversation in a controlling manner without feeling for the right moment, it would have been like the energy of one hand trying to clap. There would have been a lot of chaos, a lot of demonstration and “flapping around”, with no true spiritual impact.

I would have changed the flow in the human world, but I would not have dug deeper to evoke a spiritual change.

To evoke a spiritual change, there needs to be two hands clapping. When we align with that magical moment, a single clap with both hands sends a ripple of energy out into the world, that causes many cogs in the wheel of life to turn. Karma gets dissolved. Souls awaken.

And that ripple goes out much further and wider than we ever realise. Here we are, thinking we are just in this one finite situation. Yet, the energy of true love, care, respect and transformation travels along the gridlines and impacts people who are at the furthest reaches of the Planet.

We are all (human and animal) intrinsically connected through these energy gridlines of the Planet. What happens to one, happens to All.

Never, ever underestimate the power of a single action, when taken in Universal alignment, to evoke a powerful and positive change in our world. Every time you take an action like this, you are making our world a better place, and touching lives far and wide. 

So next time you act, look for that magical moment, and clap with both hands.

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