The Spiritual Seesaw



I’m sure you’ve heard it said that we are Spirit, having a human experience. That’s truer than we could ever imagine.  

On the one hand we are Spirit, eternal and limitless. We’re a spark of pure light, a prism within the kaleidoscope that we call God.

On the other hand, we are intensely human. We live in a body that screams with pain, that laughs with joy, that lives with passion. We show the world our brightest side, and do our best to hide our inner demons, in terror that the world might see them and reject us, sentencing us to a life of loneliness and sorrow. We are forever on that tightrope of authenticity versus inauthenticity.

But there’s one aspect of our Self that we don’t often explore.

That’s the interplay between our Spirit and our human self. We are in fact a sacred trinity, which comprises our Divinity (ie. our Spirit), our humanness, and the relationship that exists between these two aspects of our Self.

It’s no different to creation, where we have the sperm, the egg, and the Being that comes into existence from the meeting of the sperm and egg.

When we understand our own sacred trinity, we can navigate our challenges and adventures with greater insight and ease.   

Throughout our life, we are in a constant “push-pull” between our Spirit and our human self. Until we attain that ultimate state of Universal Consciousness (aka enlightenment), both of these energies hold power in our world.  

If we painted our Spirit in blue and our humanness in yellow, then we exist in shades of green – we’re either a yellow-green or a blue-green, depending on whether in that moment we are identifying more as our human self, or more as our Spirit.

It’s the ultimate seesaw, and where we stand on that seesaw dictates which side touches the ground, ie. where are we the most anchored?

As idyllic as it would be to live in a state of “only” Spirit, that’s not why we’re here.

We’ve come to this Earth plane to heal.

We’ve signed up for some wonderful and heart-opening adventures, but also some heart-wrenching adventures of betrayal, loss, terror and loneliness.  

It’s what we do with these adventures that counts.  

We either take the stakes that are driven through our heart and let them break and embitter us, or we walk forwards with sensitivity and self-reflection, carrying that cross on our back until we realise that the cross has transformed into a feather. It’s at this point that we know we are Greater than anything that may appear to harm us, and we are finally free. 

So there is a place for deep Soul searching, for delving into our dark side (our shadow), for sobbing until there are no sobs left, or screaming into the darkness until forgiveness finally comes to visit us and soothe our wounded heart. 

There’s also a place for rising above the wounds of our human self, and recognising the immutable nature of our essential self, our Spirit. 

Where do you sit on this seesaw?

I have a friend whose life path is to help others through their human pain. She helps them unpack every little box of hurt, one by one, until they can see their wounds with crystal clarity. They learn to embrace conflict rather than running from it, to speak their truth even when it’s not welcome, and to reparent themselves until they can walk forward with their head held high.  

This is an essential skill in our world….but it also makes for a very interesting scenario when someone over-identifies with this journey into their wounds.

Absolutely we are here to explore our dark side, the “Dweller on the edge of the threshold”. We are here to meet the deepest, darkest wounds that we hide under our earthly cloak, the wounds which moulded us into the magnificent and sometimes broken creature that we are today.

But if we stay too long in this particular mud bath, we can easily lose our way, becoming over-identified with our wounds. This subsequently traps us into a never-ending “wound-identification”, which causes us to be stuck in that viewpoint of ourselves as surely as quicksand.

So what’s the alternative?

If we identify only with our spiritual Self, it’s too easy to do a “spiritual bypass” and avoid the things that are uncomfortable to us. That’s where we whitewash our existence, chant Om 3 times to make everything better, and live in a fairy tale where only love and light exist in our world, and we have nothing to fear but fear itself.

If we seek that viewpoint through avoidance and bypassing, we’ve put a set of spiritual blinkers on. Those spiritual blinkers prevent us from doing the deep dives into our darkness that we are here to do. And if we avoid doing those, we can’t ever achieve the reality and true embodiment of that Light within us.

We’re trying to fast-track it, but in doing this we’re not actually achieving it (except in our fairy tale). 

It’s no different to turning on an artificial light and telling ourselves that it’s the sun shining on our face (when it most clearly isn’t). 

Whilst that might sound like a better place to live than the mud bath, it’s not authentic.  

We’ve run to the shelter of spirituality to avoid the pain of our human journey, giving ourselves a case of spiritual alzheimers, where we’ve “forgotten” that we are here to journey through a whole ocean of experiences….and not all of them pretty.

In this instance, we’ve turned our spirituality into a shield to protect ourselves from harm, instead of being the Light that it was designed to be.

Remember, not everything that is seen in the sunlight is pretty.

This is where the sacred trinity comes in.  

We are not pure Spirit. We are not pure humanness. We are the third aspect of the trinity, the interplay between Spirit and humanness.

But we are not powerless in this interplay. We get to choose where we stand on that spiritual seesaw, and what shade of green we are therefore going to emanate.  

Do you want to know the best place to stand?

It’s where our main weight rests with our Spirit, and our lighter footstep is with our humanness.  

When we align with our Spirit, at the same time knowing we’re having a human experience, we can move through this realm and our lessons with the greatest of ease.

We understand that we are not the body, and we are not the wounds that this body and personality carries. When one of those wounds gets triggered, we can dive into the mud and immerse ourselves in the experience before us….but because our weight is on the plane of Spirit, once that lesson is experienced and learned from, we bounce right back to experiencing ourself as Spirit.

It reminds me of the “drinking bird” toy from my childhood. If we are that bird, then by anchoring most strongly with our Spirit, we bob down into the plethora of emotions when one of our wounds is triggered (for as long as it takes to explore and unravel it), but our weight always ensures we return to the anchor of our Spirit each time.  

That’s a whole lot better than identifying as someone who keeps “clearing their emotional shit”. 

Life will give us those gifts when we need them.

We don’t need to go hunting them down. We simply need to recognise when they are right there in front of us, and embrace them and learn from them. 

Then we move on. And when we move on, we experience ourselves as Light once more, until the next lesson crosses our path.  

By identifying most strongly with our Spirit, we hold all things in true perspective. 

If we’re trying to spiritually bypass, we’re simply placing a band aid on something that’s festering underneath. 

That’s why our best option is to always walk through our wounds. Feel them, examine them, see the gift in them, and ultimately realise they are not us (but only what we thought ourselves to be). 

When we approach our wounds with this deep desire to transform them so that we can be even more Spirit and even less human, that’s when we can move through them with the lightest of footsteps, able to reach a point of authentic transformation in the shortest period of time.  

And you know the beauty of authentic transformation? It lets the sunlight shine into our world, replacing any artificial light.  

When true healing takes place, it’s undeniable.

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