The Stream of Consciousness



Have you ever considered that life is like two realities, co-existing on top of each other but separated by a thin veil so we can usually only see one or the other?

Think of them as two streams of consciousness. One stream sits above, and one sits below, both flowing in the same direction. Yet like non-identical twins that run alongside each other, they aren’t quite the same.

In fact, they are vastly different.

One of those streams is everyday life.

It’s the life that most people live, where they strive to get ahead, strive to be loved, strive to keep their head above water when the storms hit, never thinking to question the Universe they’ve woken up in. 

When we make our way through this everyday life, we pretend we are separate from all the things around us. We have control only when we make things happen. And so we learn to manipulate our external surroundings. We use our talents to lure good things to us, and we claim amnesia and feel like victims when the subsequent tide of challenges follows in its wake.

This is the stream of control, and it’s one that’s grown in popularity over recent centuries.

It’s behind the satellites that are sent into our night skies, the EMFs that only the sensitive seem to notice, the inhuman diseases that rocket through our world, and the blind developments that march forwards as if Nature has no place at our table.

Have you noticed how disconnected so many people are in this world stream?

Yet overlaid on top of that stream, as if it’s in another dimension yet ever so close, is a stream that is dancing and pulsing with light and life.

This stream is in flow. It responds to the most subtle of signals, allowing life to direct its movement in the same way that we are directed into an unchoreographed yet magical dance by an expert partner in the lead.

This is our divine nature – the God and Goddess within us.

This is the part of us that breathes in at the very same moment that the Universe arounds us inhales, and breathes out in that same moment that She exhales.  

Our hearts beat in unison to the timing of a Universal Clock. Nature and human, we are indelibly interwoven.  

When we are in this stream, there is a sense of infinite perfection in the timing of all things. Like a perfectly choreographed performance, timing is everything.  

About 8 weeks ago, my toilet started to malfunction and water began to seep out. Yes, talk about a stream of consciousness! I managed the situation with a towel on the floor to mop up the excess water, and I’d wash the towel every day or two once it was soaked. 

I booked a plumber, but he couldn’t attend until the following week. And as we drew closer to his day of arrival, I found myself changing the towel more and more often, until it became a couple of times a day. 

Then one day I neglected it, and the whole toilet floor ended up covered in water.

“That’s OK,” I told myself. But it wasn’t OK.

The toilet door had swollen with the water. In its swollen state, it became utterly immovable. 

“That’s OK,” I told myself again. I’ve had this happen with another door of mine once. I just need to let it dry out over the next week. 

But it took a lot longer than a week. Here we are, 8 weeks later, and whilst we have more movement, it still won’t fully close. 

I’m normally on the ball with maintenance, especially important things like toilets and doors….but for some reason, I just wasn’t motivated to get this door fixed. So my clients and friends get to pee with the door ajar….and I apologise…but still I have done nothing to solve it. 

I find that very strange. 

But then, something happened. Two days ago, I helped two friends of mine. It was a gift from my heart to theirs, and nothing was asked in return. But when one of my friends happened to be in my home and noticed that my toilet door wouldn’t close, he said, “I’ll fix that for you.” 

He can’t do it for another fortnight….and I know I could call someone else in the meantime and have it fixed sooner. But for some reason I know I’m not meant to.

It’s this friend that is meant to fix it. 

Do you ever get feelings like that? For example, your head tells you to act, but you find yourself dragging your feet (and not through laziness, but rather through an inexplicable inertia). 

Three months ago, I had a prang.

I was backing out of a car park with a car full of organic veggies. I was driving a little too fast, focussed on the car next to me who was also about to reverse out, and I banged into another car that was backing out in the opposite direction.  

They were fairly minor scrapes, but definitely an eye sore. I really enjoy my car, and it hurts to see it grazed. It was a daily reminder for me of a moment of haste and carelessness.  

In the moments following the prang, the other driver and I jumped through the hoops of getting each other’s licenses and details, getting quotes, and submitting our claims to my insurance company. 

And then we waited…..and we waited…..and we waited.  

Finally, months and months later, I rang my insurance broker to find out what the hold-up was about.

“Funny you should ring me today,” he said. “I just had a call yesterday from the other party. Her car’s just been involved in another accident and written off. She rang me to withdraw her claim.” The damage to my car is less than the excess, so it will now be an easy fix without involving insurance companies.  

Coincidence? I knew it wasn’t. I had this unwavering sense that “Something” had held me up in my quest for a perfectly repaired car, and in that pregnant pause everything had changed and my problem had gone away.  

I’ve seen this in my life before. It’s one of the lessons that’s taught me to take a deep breath when something goes wrong. I know that if I change my consciousness, very often the problem will mysteriously resolve itself.

When we are in tune with the Universe, our timing is impeccable.  

Tonight, even though I had a meal already prepared in the fridge, I felt suddenly called to have something different. I took my new choice out of the freezer, thawed it out, and popped it in the oven with a wonderful selection of roast veggies – my very favourite ones. 

As I dished it up, I found myself making up two plates of food.  

I have a close friend staying with me at present. She’s been here for a couple of months, while she’s in between places. Yet like flatmates, we make our own meals, buy our own provisions, and rarely overlap with our food times.  

But tonight, I made her a plate of food. 

My head was having a go at me about it, telling me I was being silly, she probably would already have something planned, or she’d be eating later, or she might even be heading out to dinner with another friend. 

But my head didn’t win. 

Why? I can’t even explain it, except that I suddenly wanted to make her food. I felt love and care for her, and it felt absolutely perfect to surprise her with a meal (no matter what my head was saying).

I could hear that she was in her bedroom, talking to a client. I had put the final dollop of hummus on top of the roast veggies and was contemplating how to keep her meal warm in the oven when at that exact instance the door to her bedroom opened and she walked into the kitchen.  

I handed her the plate of food, and watched her melt. Her eyes said it all! 

“I was in there feeling how hungry I was,” she explained, “And I’ve only got a short gap before my next client, so I was going to run out and quickly pop something in the oven.” 

Well, she didn’t need to. We sat and chatted and enjoyed a wonderful meal together in the time before her next client.  

Not only were our bellies smiling, but our hearts were as well. She had called, I had answered, without either of us being aware that was going on.  

I could call this intuition. But I actually believe it was something far deeper than me just picking up on her hunger. That would be a rather superficial explanation. 

You see, our path is perfectly non-linear and delightfully mysterious. It weaves unexpectedly at just the right moment for us to intersect with those Souls we are meant to intersect with. 

There is no chance. 

There is no coincidence. 

This is the second stream, the one that shows us that we are all united by invisible threads. The more we choose to swim in this stream, the less we need to control our existence. We are in stillness when we need to be still. We act when we need to act.  

And always, we find ourselves in the perfect place at the perfect time, taking the perfect action.

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