The Wisdom of Vetiver

The Gift of Essential Oils

Essential oils bring many benefits into our life, from physical to emotional to mental to spiritual. In fact, the benefits can be so numerous and cross into so many different parts of our life that they can appear to work in a truly miraculous way, to bring us into balance.
Of course, we can always turn to Google or to a great reference book to assist us in knowing the benefits of each essential oil. However, there is one other way to connect in with oils, and that’s by understanding the wisdom of the plant.
Plant wisdom is akin to animal wisdom. In the Native American cultures, the spirit of animals are highly revered, and each animal brings its unique “spirit medicine” to the person it chooses.
Therefore an Eagle will teach us how to soar to great heights. It will show us how to rise above the troubles of the world, and see our life from a higher perspective with “eagle eyes”.
Just as an Eagle may come to us as a totem animal, so too can a plant come to us as a totem plant.

Understanding the plant gives us clues about its essential oil

Vetiver is a beautiful example. Vetiver is an amazing tall, densely tufted grass, growing to 180 to 200cm (just over 6 foot) in height.

Its fragrant roots contain its magical essential oil, so steam distilling the roots is what produces its very viscous (thick) essential oil. In fact, it’s so thick that you may even need to take the stopper out of the bottle in order to get a drop to come out!

And its smell is like nothing you will ever have smelled before! It smells like a forest after a fire, with its deep, woody, fiery aroma.

One of the advantages of these thick oils like Vetiver, Sandalwood and Patchouli is that they work as “fixatives”. On their own, the lighter oils such as citrus are very quick to evaporate. So in the perfume industry, these thicker oils are often used as a “base note” to help hold the aromatic molecules of the lighter notes in place, so that the fragrance of the perfume or blend will stick around on the skin for much longer.

Vetiver grows abundantly on the slopes of the Himalayas, and also in Southern India, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. Its wiry, fibrous roots are woven into heavy blinds and screens in Indian homes, in order to provide an extra layer of protection from the scorching sun.

When the blinds are doused in water, the hot, dry winds become cool and fragrant, wafting the wonderful earthy fragrance of vetiver through the home.


The Benefits of Vetiver oil

So what do we know about the Vetiver plant, and how can this help us to understand the benefits of its essential oil?

Firstly, the oil comes from the roots. This is significant, because it means that it will help to ground us – not only into the Earth, but also to our spiritual and familial roots.

Oils that come from roots are also innately nourishing and strengthening on all levels. So if you are feeling weakened in your energy field, reach for Vetiver to help bring you emotional strength and resilience. 

However, this is only the beginning of this oil’s magical properties.

I was told many years ago about a study being done in Beaudesert, on the outskirts of Brisbane. In this study, Vetiver was planted in toxic swamps, and - to the scientist's amazement - it was purifying the water in the swamps!

This gives us a wonderful clue to how it can be used in our life and our relationships.

Any time you are facing a toxic emotional situation, reach for Vetiver – your oil of Transformation. The plant teaches us that it has the ability to purify and transform toxic dynamics in our life.

Yet it has one other gift that it brings to us.

Of all of the oils I know of, Vetiver is the master at stilling an overactive mind. This makes it the perfect oil to accompany us during any form of meditation or spiritual practice.

Vetiver is indeed a profoundly calming and uplifting oil. So next time your monkey mind is trying to run your Spirit, reach for Vetiver oil in order to regain mastery over your mind.

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