Things that go bump in the night

Last week I spoke about the Earth Meditations I do of an evening. One of the most beautiful ripple effects from these has been my ever deepening connection with animals.

One night in 2018, I went out for my evening Earth Meditation. It was a clear sky, beautiful stars twinkling down, and I settled on my meditation blanket and dropped into a very deep meditation.

One of the things I notice about these Earth Meditations is the stillness that comes over me. Even though in human time I spend only 10 to 30 minutes on the land, the stillness makes it feel like much more time has passed.

This particular night, I sank very quickly into stillness. I was sitting, eyes closed, with a patch of dense undergrowth off to my left.

Suddenly, I heard a rustling sound coming from the undergrowth. I went into high alert with the sound, wondering what it was, and whether I was in any danger.

For just a moment, my childhood terror of the dark reared its head, and I had to consciously push the fear away. As a child, I saw and sensed many realms beyond the physical. I would often cower in my bed at night, too afraid even to call out.

I’ve come such a long way since then, and really empathise with other children who are able to see and sense things that adults can’t see.

Back in the present moment under the stars, I heard this creature come out of the undergrowth, and slowly move towards me.

Even if it felt me or smelled me, it didn’t sense any threat from my presence. In my deep stillness, my energy field presented no danger to it, and it felt safe enough to come close to me.

With the childhood fear packed away, my mind was filled with curiosity and wonder. Was it a possum? A bandicoot? A koala? A cat or dog? It was sooooooo close to me!

I sat incredibly still as it came behind me, rustling around in the grass and plants. Then it moved even closer. I could feel it and sense it, only a foot or so away from me.

And then……it stepped onto my meditation blanket, right beside me! It was almost touching me…..

It surprised itself with the sound and texture of the blanket, and quickly stepped off, but remained nearby.

Ever so slowly, I turned my head around until I could see a dark shadow against the grass. As my eyes adjusted, I saw that it was a bandicoot foraging for its evening meal. Bandicoots are incredibly shy, and it’s rare to see one in the wild.

It seemed unaware of my presence as it went about its nightly rituals, so I sat there for quite some time before I moved, not wanting to scare it.

Eventually, my legs had lost all feeling and I very slowly uncurled myself. As I moved, the bandicoot got a surprise and scampered off into another section of the garden, far away from where I was.

Our connection with animals - and their ability to feel safe around us - is one of the litmus tests of our spiritual journey.

Whenever I’ve had the privilege of being around an enlightened Soul living in an earthly body, I’ve noticed the way animals gravitate towards them, fascinated by their presence, and feeling safe in their energy field.

And thus, as we journey towards that state of consciousness often called “enlightenment”, we start to notice the shifting dynamics between ourselves and our Earth’s wild creatures. Our energy field becomes a beautiful umbrella that others can shelter beneath.



  • I sit in stillness, allowing my mind to rest
  • Under my wings, all creatures find shelter
  • I am wrapped in the wings of Angels. I am perfectly safe.
  • As my energy field expands beyond my body, it becomes one with all things
  • I am not a body – I am free
  • I am pure Presence and Light
  • The Earth’s creatures are my brothers and sisters

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