Vibrational Essences Versus Essential Oils


If you love exploring natural therapies, you will know how powerful vibrational essences are. Whether we’re talking homeopathics, Bach Flower Essences, Australian Bush Flower Essences, Shell Essences or Aurasoma, the vibration of these substances works like a guiding light to our inner vibration, calling our Soul into spiritual and vibrational alignment.

Like putting pieces of a jigsaw puzzle together, when we are in vibrational alignment, many other aspects of our life fall into place.

Because most vibrational essences contain only minute traces of the actual physical substance, they are non-toxic and have no direct impact on the body’s biochemistry.

But what about essential oils? Are they also a vibrational essence?

The short answer is “Yes” - they are a vibrational essence, and they exert a powerful vibrational influence on our body and Soul.

Yet essential oils are especially unique, because they have a foot in 3 different camps – they work vibrationally, and they also work aromatically and physically.

When produced correctly, essential oils truly are “nature in a bottle”.

So let’s explore the power of essential oils.

Unlike other vibrational essences, essential oils are highly concentrated and very potent. One drop of Peppermint oil is equivalent to 28 cups of Peppermint tea…so it will often take a whole lot of plant matter to make a single drop of essential oil.

Essential oils consist of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen – the same building blocks as our body. This allows them to easily penetrate our skin and work their magic on our physical body. And because they are highly concentrated, unlike other vibrational essences they can exert a direct and positive impact on the physical body. That explains their physical action, and why they are so great at relieving muscle tension, improving complexion and aiding relaxation and sleep.

The Native Americans have a very spiritual connection with both plants and animals. They see them as having a higher consciousness, able to help and guide us. 

When we look at the qualities of the plant, this gives us clues as to the qualities of the oil that comes from the plant.

For example, Vetiver oil comes from the roots of a tall grass. Because it is derived from the roots, it’s very grounding for us, and in fact is wonderful for stilling an over-active mind. We all get those at times, when we have too many thoughts going on at once! 

 Yet Vetiver grasses were also used in an experiment near Brisbane, Australia. They were planted in toxic water, and the water became clean again. So the plant and its oil possesses the power of spiritual transformation.

Every tree and every plant has a story. Unlock its story, and you unlock its wisdom and its gifts to us. 

This is where the vibrational quality of essential oils comes into play. They carry the vibration of the wisdom of the plant, which in turn uplifts our energy, our Spirit and our mood.

If you are dropping an essential oil onto your palm, the moment the lid comes off the bottle, your aura is already being affected by the essential oil. Aura photos are a wonderful way of showing the impact of the essential oil on our vibration. If you are at a festival where aura photography is offered, have a pic taken of your aura, then apply an essential oil. Wait 5 to 10 minutes, and have another pic taken. You’ll be amazed at the change! 

So essential oils work physically and vibrationally. Yet they also work through the power of smell. This gives them the edge over other vibrational essences.

Smell is the only one of our 5 senses that completely bypasses the conscious brain and goes directly to the limbic region of the brain – the seat of our subconscious. The limbic region of the brain is responsible for our spiritual experiences, and it’s also where we store memory and the associated emotions. This allows the aroma of an essential oil to impact all three aspects of our life – they heighten and enhance our spiritual gifts, help us access memories, and aid us in uplifting and transforming our emotional state. 

Other vibrational essences do aid in many of these same areas – they just achieve it in a less direct way.

That’s why essential oils are the most powerful substance in our world today for evoking positive transformation. 


God speaks to me through every plant and every tree

The healing power of nature brings harmony to my body, mind and Soul

I am One with the earth and sky, the plants and trees

I am safe, protected by the trees and the sky

As I place this essential oil on my body, I invite Nature’s Wisdom into my life

Imagine a tree growing through your body, its roots anchoring you into the Earth, its branches reaching for the stars

I am grounded and present, flexible and filled with Light 

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