What am I?

A very powerful question to ask and to answer is, “What am I?” Explore the relationship between your Spirit, and your physical body, so you know how they are interconnected. 

Many years ago, my Aunt went through a journey with breast cancer. After chemo and personal development work, the cancer had gone into remission. But a number of years later it metastasized into secondary ovarian cancer. Whilst her mental attitude was strong, and she believed she’d be able to “beat it”, the truth was that she didn’t. 

In one of our many conversations before her death, I asked her what she thought happened after death. Her response was that we’re “just a physical body” and she believed in “ashes to ashes, dust to dust”.  

I still remember torturing myself as a child with that very same concept. As a young girl, I’d imagine dying and never ever coming back again. I’d put myself in that visualization of an eternity of non-existence….and it deeply troubled me. 
Even though I’m a Scientist myself, I’m so grateful that my life has since taken me in many wonderful spiritual adventures. I know without any doubt that we are a being of Light, and we’ve come to live for a period of time in a physical body, before returning to the Light. Our existence continues long after our physical body has become dust. 

As I spoke to my Aunt about this, she asked if I’d come to visit her “when the time comes”. She lived in England, I live in Australia, and I was blessed to be able to join her for her last 9 days in her physical body. Every day, I massaged her feet with an essential oil. She wasn’t able to tolerate the smell of oils when they were neat – something I find very common in cancer patients. So I diluted the oils, and kept them as far from her nose as possible. 

These daily massages were a powerful ritual for us both. I’d massage her feet with sacred essential oils like Frankincense, Spikenard, Cypress, Sandalwood, Cedarwood and Lavender, while she’d talk and download her fears, her visions, her hopes. 

All that I needed to do was to stand in my knowing of the Spirit, and the truth of life beyond the body. I didn’t need to convince her of it – I just needed to know it within myself. Everything else happened by immersion. 

As the days passed by, and Roslyn talked about her life, she also began having some very interesting spiritual experiences. Even though this was many years ago now, I still remember her having a vision of a door knob in front of her. The door was in beautiful blue colours, and she knew that somehow all she needed to do was to open that door and step through. She realized that this is what her passing would be like – at some point in the coming days, she’d be turning that doorknob and walking from one room into another, from one reality into another. And she knew she’d be OK. 

It was that vision that convinced her of life beyond the body. It wasn’t an intellectual exercise. In her Soul she knew it, and she realized that something beyond her body had just communicated with her, and let her know that her Soul was not going to end up as dust. 


  • I am a being of Light
  • My body is the temple that houses my Soul
  • My Soul is radiant – it expands far beyond my body
  • I AM without limits – like the space between words, I am all that there is
  • I AM Magic
  • I am eternal

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