When Dragon Speaks


I love how animals come into our consciousness at the perfect time.

It’s not that they weren’t there before…it’s just that they make themselves known to us in an energetic way, so that we suddenly wake up and pay attention to them.

This has happened to me this past few weeks around Water Dragons. What’s a Water Dragon, you might ask? It’s similar to a Bearded Dragon (a large lizard), except that it’s water loving.

In fact, I have one Water Dragon that lives around my property. It will race for my salt water pool and dive into the water if I catch it by surprise. It happily swims around on the bottom of the pool, or clings to the side of the pool under water, waiting for me to depart. Then it climbs back out, and sits on the water’s edge.

It will use its tail to flick the butterfly bushes, causing their pretty flowers to dance on their long stems. This disturbs the bees and other insects that are busy gathering pollen…and as soon as they lose their footing on the petals, the Water Dragon leaps into the air and grabs them in her mouth.

I imagine many a wonderful fairy tale could be told about the female Dragon who was carefully meditating on her jewels in front of a beautiful glassy mirror (the water’s glassy surface), when a giant human stumbles upon her.

She drops her jewels and flees for the safety of her watery underworld until danger has passed, when she can once again commence her sparkly meditation. 

So Water Dragons have been coming into my consciousness this past week or so. I greeted a magnificent old gentleman (Water Dragon) as he stretched in the sun on the picnic bench in the courtyard of my local health food store. He’s seen many a summer!

And then there was the Water Dragons who saw a gorgeous plum-coloured bougainvillea flower land on the tiles outside my office window, not far from my feet…and it raced up to the blossom and devoured it as if it was the most incredible delicacy. Because after all, they live on a diet of blossoms, greens, and of course insects and worms.

So what does it mean when a 60cm (2 foot) long Water Dragon comes dancing at your feet?

Water Dragon Medicine

Check out this beautiful painting of a Water Dragon: https://bluethumb.com.au/kunjawildlifeart/Artwork/water-dragon-totem-animal

The artist, Cynthia Farr Barunggum, says this about the Water Dragon:

“Closely associated with the Serpent of the Earth, the Water Dragons are healers, warriors, and peace-gathering clans. The Water Dragon is said to bring peace and unity where only war was before.'

“Water dragons visit during dream time when all is quiet in the mind and the body is no longer a restriction.

“Dragon will guide you to astral journeys of knowledge and self-growth, protecting your travels and improving your communication with the spirit world."

“[They are also] powerful spirit guides, with knowledge of Mother Earth’s secrets and the wisdom of the ancients in their blood.”

What a magnificent statement that is, of the power and gifts that Water Dragons bring.

And you know something that’s really interesting? When I was looking for a property, I checked one out that is literally around the corner from where I now live. It was a similar size to my one, also well forested….but when I sat in meditation on the land (which the real estate agent kindly permitted me to do), it was devoid of animal sounds. I heard a single bird calling in the far distance, despite it being a mature eucalypt forest.

I then drove the 200 metres to the home where I now live. It was on the market, and I was choosing which was the right place for me. I hopped out of my car, and stood at the causeway over a creek, which is at the end of my driveway. And there, I was blessed with the sound of numerous rainforest birds and the sight of many Water Dragons.

In fact, I’ve counted up to 14 Water Dragons basking on my 100 metre driveway at any one time over Summer.

That one experience was all it took for me to know which home was calling me, and now I live in Heaven, surrounded by Dragons large and small.

What animal is calling out to you, today?

Take some time to look it up online, and see what “medicine” it’s bringing to your door. 

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