White Angelica - the oil of the Angels

Have you felt the energies lately? As our Planet shifts and moves like the giant Mumma that she is, we all feel the ripple effects of her changes in energy. The energies are becoming much more potent. In essence, they are heightening in a way we’ve not experienced in our lifetime.
This is driving so much to the surface in all of us.
As I look around me, I’m humbled to see how many of my beautiful friends are struggling. And I feel those struggles within myself as well. So many physical and emotional bubbles are rising to the surface to be healed.
It’s natural in times like this that we can be surrounded by loved ones, yet still feel an acute sense of rawness and aloneness on the inside. I’ve shared with you in the past couple of blogs about my own journey around the topic of aloneness, and how much that’s shifted in the past couple of weeks. Yet even though I am now feeling nurtured and loved, as I’ve shared with newfound friends about my own journey, it’s rung a chord with them, and they’ve acknowledged in return their own sense of aloneness.
These are challenging times on our Planet, and we are blessed for every instant of peace and joy that we welcome into our day. It’s by focussing on these bright shining positive moments that all the rest settles into perspective.
Above all, we need to realise that nothing is “wrong”. This is a Universal shift that we are all undertaking, and we are loved as we’ve always been. We just need to take extra special care of ourselves in times like this.
One of the oils that has called to me so strongly this past month has been White Angelica.

This is a Young Living oil blend, and it is the Oil of the Angels.

Whenever I am needing to be wrapped in Angel’s wings because I’m feeling vulnerable and alone, or whenever I just need a hug filled with pure love, this is the oil I reach for.

I put 3 drops on each shoulder, and rub it in 3 times clockwise. Why 3 times clockwise? It’s because our DNA spins in a clockwise direction when it’s healthy, so this clockwise movement is my way of affirming health through every level of my Being, right down to the DNA level. And the number 3 is a sacred number in so many traditions, so by doing the clockwise circling 3 times, I’m calling in higher energies and sacred truth to assist me in this moment.
White Angelica has the unique action of sealing our aura. So no matter what challenges and negativity may be floating around outside of us, and no matter what toxic environments and relationship dynamics we might find ourselves in, White Angelica will help to hold a bubble of protection around us, so that this negativity can’t find a way in.
Think of the saying “Water off a duck’s back”. This describes the feelings of being so insulated and strong within our own Being, that anything thrown at us simply falls straight off and can’t penetrate or hurt us.
This is what White Angelica helps us to achieve. Its frequency neutralises negative energy, and fosters that feeling of divine protection – just like receiving a hug from an Angel.

White Angelica is a uniquely formulated blend, which contains the single oils of: 

Because of the Bergamot oil which forms part of this blend, make sure that your shoulders (or wherever you apply it) is covered in clothing if you need to go out into sunlight or UV light in the next 12 to 24 hours, as the oil itself can make your skin more sensitive to UV light for that period of time.

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