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Throughout the 9 tracks of this CD, you will dive deep into Discovering Your Past Lives in a guided journey with Artemis.

1. Learn about past lives, including astounding evidence to support the existence of past lives.

2. Map your past lives in a past Life Poster, discovering how this lifetime provides clues to your past lives.

3. Introduction to past life meditation.

4, 5, 6 - Past life Meditation - Discover your own past lives through a guided visualization.

7. Learn about astral traveling.

8. Astral Traveling Meditation - Discover how to journey in your Light Body to visit people, places and past lives with a guided visualization.

9. Create a journal of your meditation experience, so you can understand their relevance to your present life, and the opportunities for healing that they present.


Artemis is a respected Australian clairvoyant, spirit guide artist, and author, whose deep insight into human nature, psychic potential and esoteric wisdom has allowed her to touch and empower the lives of thousands of people. Her first book Deams: Signs of Things to Come (a dictionary of dream symbols co-authored with Quintin Watts) has become an Australian best-seller since its release in 1994, whilst her second book, Earth Song has received outstanding reviews from readers for its simple, effective tools to achieve personal happiness and self-empowerment. Artemis is also well known for her psychic and dream programs on Australian Radio.