Earth Song - Master your life & Awaken your Spirit

Earth Song - Master your life & Awaken your Spirit

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Earth Song was inspired by a journey I took to Hawaii to swim with the wild dolphins.

This experience of meeting our "Earth's Angels" was one of the highlights of my life. I returned from that journey with the inspiration to write a book that will make a profound difference in the lives of every person who reads it.

Although Earth Song is dedicated to the dolphins, it is not a book about dolphins. Rather, it is an inspirational and practical guide to life, self-mastery, psychic development and personal power. Its very human stories and life-enhancing tools will provide you with clarity and practical guidance for your life's most complex questions, embracing: Relationships, Conflict, Planetary Change, Prosperity, Death, Psychic Wisdom, Life's Path, Spirit and much more.

If you are striving for excellence in your life and your relationships, and for tools to assist you in living to your highest potential, then you will love it! It will awaken you to your true nature, and the absolute power which exists within you.