How to Live an Extraordinary Life


I’ve often heard it mentioned that if we want more abundance, prosperity and success in our life, we should surround ourselves with people who are abundant, prosperous and successful.

That’s a great principle. Yet it doesn’t just apply to the arena of abundance. It equally applies to all aspects of our life.

We’re vibrational beings, and we choose the vibration we hold in.

If we are constantly around people who see themselves as victims, who are stuck in their life, and simply don’t have any desire to change that perspective, then we can find ourselves drawn into that heavier vibration. These people typically have a fixed mindset, ie. “I am who I am, and nothing can change that”.

In contrast, if we surround ourselves with people who live life to the fullest, embracing their challenges with a “silver lining” and a cup overflowing attitude, then it’s much easier for us to hold in that higher vibration. These people typically have a growth mindset, ie. “Whatever happens to me, it’s up to me to choose my attitude. Everything is a gift, even if it’s disguised.”

Polarity works like two magnets, always drawing us towards its centre. So if we are living from a high vibration, and we are constantly in the orbit of someone who is living from a lower vibration, the harmony occurs somewhere in the middle. We will be unconsciously drawn into lowering our vibration in subtle ways, in order to maintain harmony with the other person. Similarly, they will be inspired to lift their vibration (even just a little) in order to maintain harmony with us.

It takes a very strong, centred and grounded person to be able to walk through life and not be impacted by the vibrations of other people.

In my volunteer work as a wildlife carer, I am blessed to have a snake-friendly neighbour who assists me.

He comes in especially handy with any tricky pythons that I need to give injections to. His energy is so incredibly calming when he’s around snakes, even though he’s not formally trained. 

Even with the most defensive pythons, once I hold the snake and my neighbour puts his hands on it, it becomes as meek as a kitten and allows us to give it an injection. It’s quite extraordinary to watch.

He loves snakes, and it shows in the care that he brings to them. This is a great example of the positive ripple that occurs when we are doing things that are our “fluffy duck”, ie. that we truly love doing, with a passion!

The last time my neighbour popped over to help me give an injection to a python, we got chatting about people. He’d previously met my gardener, and commented on how fortunate I am to have such a special gardener.

Brigid is amazing in the garden, and treats every plant like a sentient Being. She’s a biodynamic horticulturalist who also loves making films. And she brings all of that love and passion for nature into my garden. We have such wonderful discussions about the special plants in my garden, and how they are flourishing…or we both deliberate on how to assist a plant that’s struggling.

It’s a beautiful connection, and a lovely friendship has grown from this.

But then I also have a special woman who helps each week with cleaning my home. Jess is attentive and spiritual. She prides herself in always going the extra mile, and we enjoy nourishing chats about life, essential oils, and all things spiritual.

Part of my regular self-care is to have a weekly massage, and there are two exceptional therapists I alternate between. Both of them love giving massages, and that extra magic is felt in every massage. They are completely present when they massage, and never on autopilot.

One of them says to me, “I could never massage someone I don’t like”. And she pours her love and energy into every stroke, making it so much more than any other massage I’ve had.

The other gave me an exceptional massage last week. I went into a deep and altered state of consciousness. I was aware she was massaging me, but I was “somewhere else”. At the end of the massage, she commented on what a synergistic energy we had during that massage, and simply said, “Artemis, I love massage”. And she meant every word.

Why would you settle for anything less than extraordinary?

You are the quality of the people you surround yourself with. So why would you surround yourself with anyone who’s not living life like a fluffy duck?

It’s simply not worth it.

Keep searching until you find the “right” people for you – the people who care about what they do, and about those around them.

Seek out the people who are passionate about life, and cultivate those connections so they blossom.

It’s never just a one-way street. These people are also looking for nourishment in their connections, so be the person they will admire and respect. Make the tough decisions to let go of (or spend less time with) the things and people who aren’t serving your path, and point your bow towards those who are.

This is how we live an extraordinary life!