Mother Earth has shifted on her axis

Have you noticed how intense the energies are right now?

When I look around me, so many people I love and care about are going through incredible challenges, whether that’s concerning health issues, sick loved ones, financial challenges, or just a sense of utter overwhelm.

And it’s no wonder. Our Planet has shifted on its axis. It’s tipped, and that’s created a sudden and significant shift in the Planet’s energies. While we were all focussed on the pandemic, lockdowns and other challenges from recent years, our Planet has given birth to a new self.

It’s as if we were previously all walking upright, and now we need to learn how to walk on an angle. Our whole centre of gravity has shifted.

There’s no point wishing to go back to “how it was”. That’s dissolved, and we’ve moved through the veil into a new world, and completely new energies.

If we endeavour to live life the way we have in the past, it simply won’t work. If we are a healer and we keep supporting people the way we have in the past, it won’t work. This is a new chapter, and it calls us to forge a new path for ourselves.

I had a moment of wondering if I was maybe just “off track”.

You know what it’s like. There’s a state of flow, and a state of non-flow. Was I maybe just turned in the wrong direction, and out of flow. But then I noticed that amidst the deep challenges were also such incredibly wonderful occurrences.

The light is lighter right now, and the dark is darker.

So because I see such incredible happenings around me, I know I’m not walking the “wrong” path. It’s just that the whole path has changed under my feet.

Everything is frequency, right?

With such different frequencies around us, we’re in the middle of chaos, both internally and externally. The whole world and its inhabitants are going through a major reset. It’s as if Mother Earth has moved from sitting on her right hip, to now sitting on her left hip, and we’re wobbling our way into a new existence.

Everyone’s frequency is shifting, and that’s having a major impact on our relationships, too.

People we previously resonated with are being pulled from our life, as new ones come in. It’s not that those people who are leaving are not loved by us – it’s just that something is different with the frequencies, and the magnetic energy that used to hold certain people within our hemisphere is changed…so that people are falling away.

 Have you seen that in your own life? I definitely have in mine.

And the very best thing we can do in such turbulent times is to ground and "Earth" ourselves. This is a time for us to reconnect and re-ground within the new energies of our Planet, so we can harmonize with them.

By doing this, it allows us to sit at the eye of the storm, able to still hold our centre (our own True North) amidst such challenging times.

If we don’t ground in the new energies, we will feel ourselves in the centre of the hurricane, and thrown about and shredded like a rag doll.

I was given a wonderful analogy that so perfectly describes this.

Imagine you are standing in chest-high water in a beautiful (calm) ocean. Your feet are planted firmly in the sand, and you sink down into the sand so that it squirms between your toes. You are anchored and grounded.

As the outgoing wave washes through you as it draws back into the ocean, it pulls with it certain people that you’ve been close to. In the past, that magnetic attraction kept you in each other’s hemispheres. But now, you watch them drifting away from you on the outgoing wave.

Then as the new wave comes towards you, it carries new people with it – the people who match your new frequency, and who are the right people for this next chapter for you.

I’ll be honest – I’ve never been great at letting go of people I love. So this analogy has been so helpful for me, when I watch various loved ones simply being pulled out of my life, for such a range of different reasons (death, ill health, moving away from the area, a life change for them). It’s not that I love them any less – it’s just that we’re no longer moving to the same drum beat.

 We’re in a process of intense transformation, and during this process, any attempt we make to control things to be “how they used to be” will fall flat on its face. Instead, this is the ultimate time for free-falling, of surrendering to the new energies, and all the wonder they will bring us.

If you are looking for an essential oil to assist you through this time, my favourite is Young Living’s oil blend called "Surrender". It’s the oil I turn to when my need to control is getting out of control. I just put a few drops on each shoulder, and I remind myself to free fall.

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